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What Panda’s Like To Say

Hoo Hoo~
Okay, I think I’ll just sit ~Hoo Hoo~
You mean sit here, right, Ooo??
Dear master, why did you always repeat…any other stunt for me? Grrr…?
Sure, sitting is just easy~!
No sweat~! Ooo!
Yes, master! Ooo!
Only food shall motivates me~! Hoo!
Nice posture master?
Now that I sat, give me my food!
Easy! Ooo~
Grrr…go away…

What did I do?! Grrrr!
You are bad! Grrr!
Stupid dumb dumb, Grrr!
Master! You don’t understand…!Oooo!
Master, what exactly did I do wrong? Grrr!
You won’t find a more obidient pet around you! Ooo!
I was just sitting there! Grrr!
Master…I’m really sorry…
I’m so hurt…
Ermmm…you look scary…
Why are you mad again? AGAIN?
Come on… you’re just bored, right?
What is it NOW?!
Go training if you’re bored!

Ooo Ooo!
Easy! Ooo!
I’m good, yeah?
That’s not difficult at all!
No, grrr…!
What, grrr?
What do you think, master? Nice?
Simple task~Ooo!
Hahh…I’ve just gotte much taller! Oooo!
Yeah, I’m good, right?
It’s sooo easy now…
What? I can’t hear you…


Sorry, too much water~Oooo~
I’m so shy~ Hooo~
I just don’t feel like it yet..
Are you crazy? Pee here?!
Careful! Don’t slip on that!
Can you pee even if you don’t feel like it?
I had nothing to drink all day, so no pee for me…
Why don’t you pee instead?

Are you tired? Don’t worry, I’ll be there for you, Ooo…
You want me to give you a hug? Don’t be too stress alright?
How about some stunts for you master?
Back to your training and stop disturbing me!
Give me some nice clothes to wear and I’ll entertain you.
How about going to another place instead of staying at the same place?
Go party master! I like more people!
Have you ever go to the dungeon before? Be careful with the bosses!
Go away and leave me alone!
Why don’t you talk instead?!
Revive me with Water of Life when I turn into a doll.
Master, don’t forget to bring along your safaty charm when training!
Quests and events are good for you, master!
Feed me and I’ll talk!
Just let me sleep first ok?

I’ll hug you up~ Ooo~~
Hug me tenderly~ Ooo~
Hehe~~~hug you too~~~Hooo…
Eeks! You haven’t showered right?!
Chou chou!
Hey, I’m HOT enuff!
Master, let me hug you instead! Hooo!
Okay, you can come hug me~! Oooo!
Hug me please!
Feed me?
NO~! I’m not free for hugging now!
You just scolded me!
Who wants to hug you, stupid!

My eyes are closing….
I just woke up! Grrr!
Play time~ Play time! PLAY TIME!!
Feed me when I’m awake ok?
I’m not tired! Hang out with me master!
Sing me a song?
How am I going to sleep if I’m not even tired! Ooo!
Who sleeps in the afternoon?

Hoo Hoo Hoo~~!!
I love you too~Ooo~~
What did you say?
Are you sure it’s me?
OMG..Really? Hoooo!
You say that to others too yeah?
Me too!! Muacks!
That’s sooo sweet, master!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Oh yeah, then where’s my food?
Are you joking?

Oh, really? Sweet!!! Let’s play! Ooo~
I was soooo waiting for you to play with me~ Ooo~
What should we do, Ooo??
Let’s do something fun! Ooo~~
I’ve been waiting for you to say that!
What should we do???
Nice, I was feeling bored~
Master, I thought of a game we can play right here!

Like this? Ooo ~
Like this? Ooo~
Master, blehhhhhhh !
Like this?
Master, I’m good right?
Have you seen a panda stick a tongue out?

Hoo Hoo Hoo~~!!

Yeah~ FOOD!! FOOD!!!
I’m so full I can’t eat anymore…
This is really delicious!…
I can’t eat anymore…
Master, this is sweeeet
Master…I’m FULLLLL

What are you talking about? Ooo?
Nope, I am not gonna say that~ Ooo~
Master, don’t say that~ Ooo…



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