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I was on the phone with one of my friends helping them to design a business lgoto when one of my phone rang.
Turns out they were monitoring my usage and said i was spending lots of $ on international SMSing?
Well, i pay $xx per month and i get $50 of OptusToAnyone and $50 OptusToOptus.
Well, i was in a hurry, so i just asked them to email me the info and got this in my inbox
I tried to convert it from PDF to JPG, since you can’t view it if i embed it on this blog.
(Also, is Optus calling anyone/everyone who uses their products? I thought i got caught with the tethering info/data below (or because i enabled tethering on my iPhone 3GS without paying for it))


This is the file converted online
Looks messed up, doesn’t it?
But at least you can read the fine-print
This is the file, that i manually made
The only problem is low resolution, higher resolution requires more time
(Both were cropped by me, original document has “cut” marks)


Let’s see

  • Spend $5, get $20 <– 1:4
  • Spend $10, get $50 <– 1:5
  • Spend $30, get $180 <– 1:6

SMS’s for Post-Paid are $0.50 compared to $0.35 for Pre-paid

  • Spend $5, get 40 SMS or 1h 5m 30m (Home) or 49m (Mobile)
  • Spend $10, get 100 SMS or 2h 45m 30s (Home) or 2h 4m (Mobile)
  • Spend $30, get 360 SMS or 9h 59m (Home) or 7h 29m (Mobile)(Rounded down to the nearest 30s)

    Based on:
    0.27 Flagfall
    0.30/min Home
    0.40/min Mobile

    I was originally going to change my plan to a higher $/month, but this might be a good idea, since the next plan was going to cost me an extra $30/month for $280 OptusToAnyone

    Wait, $30 for $180 (International Value Pack) or $330 (Cap Plan and $300 OptusToOptus)

    I think i might get International Value Pack

    1. I can get $5/10/30 IVP instead of a $+30 Cap
    2. If i bring my Cap from New -> Current, i’ll have to pay $100, since i’m still on a contract
    3. Also cheap if i ring people, Cap uses normal International Rates

    Okay, what else was there?
    Waiting for betajuice (from Miratopia) to finish finalizing everything with the new clients

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