NGPriest: Steam Games! (for sale)

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Steam Games! (for sale)

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NGPriest: Dota 2 Update – July 26th, 2012

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Dota 2 Update – July 26th, 2012


  • Added Nyx Assassin, Keeper of the Light, and Visage to the Matchmaking Hero Roster and Captain’s Mode!
  • Added a cooldown to being able to find a match when a player declines or abandons a game.
  • Added notification for when a Tournament has a live game currently running.


  • Beastmaster: Fixed Wild Axes working with Refresher.
  • Beastmaster: Wild Axes no longer provide vision when they aren’t flying.
  • Naga Siren: Fixed Dust of Appearance not working against units slept by Song of the Siren.
  • Naga Siren: Fixed Ice Blast debuff not getting added to units slept by Song of the Siren.
  • Naga Siren: Fixed Weave not affecting units slept by Song of the Siren.
  • Phantom Lancer: Fixed Doppelwalk illusions not correctly replicating their inventory item slots.
  • Rubick: Fixed Wild Axes being left around when another ability is stolen.
  • Sand King: Neutrals can now be damaged by Sandstorm.
  • Templar Assassin: Fixed Meld initial attack doing too much damage.
  • Slardar: Fixed Bash working while doomed.
  • Neutrals damaged by an invisible enemy will now try to run away.


  • Multiple tweaks to director events and framing.
  • Fixed particle effects sometimes not drawing while in Player Perspective mode.


  • Added notification for when a Tournament has a live game currently running.
  • The kill card now shows a randomly selected item that the killer is wearing. Also reduced its size.
  • Fixed equipping an item in the backpack not jumping to the correct hero in the loadout
  • Added Buyback to the spectating stats dropdown.
  • Added a cooldown for being able to find a match when a player declines or abandons a game.
  • Fixed Storm Spirit Mega-Kill announcer having the incorrect equip slot.


  • Fixed Rubick retaining incorrect skins from stolen abilities when returning to his normal model.
  • Meld damage display is now only shown for successful hits.


  • Significant revision of how bots determine their high-level desires
  • Roshan desire has been significantly reworked. It’s now based on how quickly Roshan can be killed given the available heroes and how quickly enemies can show up.
  • Evasion desire is now more granular. Things like Blade Fury now cause a range of evasion desire based on the bot’s current health.
  • Fixed case where bots were trying to path to an invalid location when defending their base.
  • Made bots more aggressive about attacking when defending a lane.
  • Cleaned up inferred human modes for pushing and defending lanes.
  • Made bots less concerned about distance when considering an attack on a pinged target.
  • Fixed bug that made pinged towers less likely to attract allied bots that were doing other high-priority stuff.
  • Tuned retreat desire values when hurt and close to the fountain.
  • Made bots somewhat more likely to buy a flying courier.


  • Added a new Import Wearable option to the Publish New Item section of the in-game workshop UI. It will compile, validate, and preview your model before you submit it. When submitting, it also packs the files into a format that makes it much easier for us to bring it into the game.

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NGPriest: Dota 2 Update – July 19, 2012

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Dota 2 Update – July 19, 2012

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NGPriest: Dota 2 Update – July 12, 2012

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Dota 2 Update – July 12, 2012

  • Added Templar Assassin!
  • Enabled Templar Assassin, Disruptor and Undying in Captain’s Mode.


  • Bounty Hunter: Fixed Jinada proccing on Tombstone.
  • Broodmother: Fixed Spiderling passive proccing on magic immune units (like zombies) and spawning mass spiderlings.
  • Disruptor: Fixed Kinetic Field sometimes causing heroes to fail to attack a hero who is being trapped in the field.
  • Earthshaker: Fixed Echo Slam inital damage not hitting units through magic immunity.
  • Leshrac: Fixed Pulse Nova procing Essence Aura.
  • Lone Druid: Fixed Spirit Bear not aggroing creeps when it attacks a hero
  • Luna: Fixed Moon Glaive bouncing on ward type units
  • Luna: Fixed Moon Glaive bounce order.
  • Lycan: Fixed wolves having max speed for their duration after Shapeshift ends if summoned during Shapeshift.
  • Necrolyte: Fixed Death Pulse not healing allied magic immune units
  • Puck: Fixed Phase Shift proccing Essence Aura.
  • Rubick: Fixed being able to steal spells from their being toggled off.
  • Rubick: Fixed getting stuck in Flesh Golem form when respawning with the buff.
  • Rubick: Fixed some abilities being broken when re-stealing them, now re-stealing an ability will have no effect on your currently stolen ability.
  • Shadow Shaman: Fixed Ether Shock ignoring Linken’s Sphere.
  • Spiritbreaker: Fixed Greaterbash affecting Magic Immune units when procced via other abilities
  • Undying: Fixed Tombstone interaction with Refresher Orb.
  • Undying: Fixed Deathlust sometimes not working properly.
  • Undying: Fixed a bug where Deathlust would sometimes not go away.
  • Undying: Decay now makes the target lose exactly 76 health when cast and heal exactly 76 when it ends. Before the health scaling was causing the target not to lose then gain the correct amount of health.
  • Wisp: Fixed Spirits exploding on illusions.
  • Wisp: Fixed Relocate to not teleport Wisp while dead
  • Improved AFK detection.
  • Fixed Smoke of Deceit dodging incoming projectiles if there are nearby enemy heroes.
  • Fixed Ethereal Blade and Black King Bar interaction.
  • Fixed completely-avoided damage from triggering blink dagger’s cooldown.


  • Rich Presence now shows if you’re casting a game.
  • If you buy an Aghanim’s Scepter on a hero with no upgrade, this is now shown in the ability.
  • Battle point rate and any equipped bonuses are now shown in the inspect panel.
  • Numerical battle points earned (split into base and bonus) are now shown on the game end screen.
  • The play panel now shows matchmaking game modes and regions from the party when finding a match.
  • Improved unpause countdown, added UI sound.
  • Fixed case where we weren’t properly crediting damage from summoned units/wards to their hero in the combatlog.
  • Added an interface setting to prevent the camera from moving upon respawn
  • Neutrals now have yellow healthbars when spectating.
  • Roshan’s healthbar is now slightly bigger.
  • We now hide all match details until you reveal the winner.
  • Team names and logos are now shown on match details panel.
  • Fixed a handful of issues with the message and chat system when watching replays.
  • The killcam card now flips over to show the full body portrait.


  • Improved how bots manage their movement while doing evasive maneuvers — they will now consider a range of escape directions and select the best one based on other nearby avoidance zones.
  • Added avoidance to Disruptor’s Kinetic Field (while it’s forming) and Static Storm.
  • Improved how bots request items from the stash via the courier. The courier will now only deliver items the hero has room for, and bots will take into account projected item combines.


  • Added overhead messages when items or abilities cause unnatural mana gain or loss (such as Arcane Boots).


  • A new chest with exclusive items has been spotted.
  • Announcers, couriers and several rare items on sale.
  • Added Storm Spirit announcer.
  • Added over 50 new community created items.

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NGPriest: Dota 2 Update – July 5, 2012

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Dota 2 Update – July 5, 2012

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ChambyT: Exploring Demon Slayer & Patch Summary

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Exploring Demon Slayer & Patch Summary

Demon Slayer basic skills

Glide – <space bar> press 1 arrow key. < left or > right. keep pressing the arrow key.

High jump – <space bar> press UP ^ key twice QUICKLY.

Well..  To FLY/stay flying.

1. Double click your character.

2. Select Riding.

3. Look under Mount Skill. Double click on the Demon Wings, you can also put it on your hotkey.

I know i’ve been dead for so long but ..i’m alive again.

Have fun with the Legend- Demon Slayer.

Patch Notes Summary&Highlights

1. ALL Demon Slayers that reaches Level 30 by 17th July 2012, 0900hrs (+8 GMT) will get a FREE PERMANENT Legends Balloon Cash Item. (which will make you look like a kiddie, but..nevermind. just joking :x )


To receive the free permanent balloon, log in to the character that you wish to receive the permanent Legends Balloon Cape(as shown below).


• The Legends Balloon will be credited into the 1st character that enter the Cash Shop.

2. Spirit Pendant from Maple Admin everyday from 04/07/12 – 15/07/12.

3. Command Emblems ( 04/07/12- 07/08/12)


Collect 50 of the emblems and submit to Gaga. Reward: a Legends Awards Coin and some experience.


Defeat this monster to collect the wings!


Collect 50 of the wings, talk to Cassandra to receive and gift box from the dragon together with some experience!


From the box:
-Accessory Stat 60% Scroll
-Armor Stat 60% Scroll
-Equipment Enhancement Scroll
-Potential Scroll
-Trait Use Items
-Reindeer Milk
-Sunrise Dew
-Legends Awards Coin
-Legendary Black Dragon Ring


-Legendary Black Dragon Chaos Scroll 60% (Note: This scroll grants potential to an Legendary Black Dragon Ring at 100% chance, it does not change the stats of the ring like a normal Chaos Scroll)

5. Legends of Happiness( 04/07/12- 07/08/12)Target: the Legends classes (Cannon Shooter, Mercedes, Demon Slayer).

Reward:  Level 50– Tania Cloak (Cash Decorative Item, Cape, Charm +30)

Level 70– Mercury Cloak (Cash Decorative Item, Cape, Charm +30)


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NGPriest: Update Notes – July 4, 2012

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Update Notes – July 4, 2012

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