NGPriest: Weird?

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I’m trying to not get violet, but seriously, do they expect me to know Cantonese?
Seriously, why does everyone on Maple expect me to know another language?
I know on MapleJapan, they expect me to speak japanese, but they’re okay with english
But with MapleSEA, they expect you to know, English, Chinese, Cantonese, hokien, Malay (and more)
Anyways, time for the SS
By definition, it means “crazy” and “pussy/cunt”.
In Cantonese, it can mean:
i. stupid
ii. asshole
iii. close friend
i. Hey, don’t be a sohai, ok? You’re not the only one in this world who knows how to have an erection!
ii. You’re such a fucking sohai lah! Don’t you know how to eat a pussy?
iii. Hey sohai! Long time no see!


NGPriest: Wii!

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I recently got a Wii
[Insert image of the Wii]
Anyways, current games are:

Today, i bought

WiiSports – ?? ??? 2008 – $??.??
WiiFit – ?? ??? 2008 – $??.??

WiiPlay – 14th Sep 2008 – $79.95

Big Brain Academy for Wii – 15th Sep 2008 – $56.99
Pokemon Battle Revolution – 15th Sep 2008 – $79.99
Super Smash Bros Brawl – 15th Sep 2008 – $76.99

Trauma Center – Second Operation – 25th Sep 2008 – $69.99
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games – 25th Sep 2008 – $79.99
Big Beach Sports – 25th Sep 2008 – $49.95


NGPriest: Caslin’s Dogs/Puppies

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Well, the title has it all?
Well, here are the pics!

Any comments?

Added: My own personal image


NGPriest: More PPQ Stuff

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Recently, i’ve had a list of question regarding PPQ
Here are the answers?

Firstly, how to enter PPQ?
3 to 6 members with LEV’s of 55 to 100
Which means, you need either, 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 members
That consists of LEV 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97 ,98, 99, 100

You CANNOT Solo or have a party of 2
You CANNOT have anyone in your party that IS AND UNDER LEV55
You CANNOT have anyone in your party that IS AND OVER LEV101

000-049 None
050-149 STR/DEX/INT/LUK+2, HP/MP+30, WD/MD45, SPE+3, JUM+1
150-299 STR/DEX/INT/LUK+3, HP/MP+40, WD/MD60, SPE+4, JUM+1
300-499 STR/DEX/INT/LUK+3, HP/MP+60, WD/MD70, SPE+5, JUM+2
500+ STR/DEX/INT/LUK+5, HP/MP+90, WD/MD90, SPE+7, JUM+4


000-049 None
050-149 STR+2, DEX+2, INT+2, LUK+2, HP+30, MP+30, WD45, MD45, SPE+3, JUM+1
150-299 STR+3, DEX+3, INT+3, LUK+3, HP+40, MP+40, WD60, MD60, SPE+4, JUM+1
300-499 STR+3, DEX+3, INT+3, LUK+3, HP+60, MP+60, WD70, MD70, SPE+5, JUM+2
500+ STR+5, DEX+5, INT+5, LUK+5, HP+90, MP+90, WD90, MD90, SPE+7, JUM+4

How to summon “Angry Lord Pirate” and/or “Enraged Lord Pirate”?
Don’t bother asking, i’m not telling

Why reset my score?
Well, we do have 30% and 70% as well as being able to drop the hat
Why upgrade a hate that you don’t have?

Any other questions?
Leave a comment or whisper me


NGPriest: NGPureMage’s Latest MMV

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This one was a slightly hard one to work with
Let’s see how it all started
I was SSing around the maps when i was talking to Heng and Banana about SS’s
I was going to do my own, after Banana’s idea of making a KTV version
1st Problem: I needed to re-SS everything, since i rarely edit images
2nd Problem: The current program won’t sync the audio properly
So i got Sony Vegas
3rd Problem: Multiple singers!
So i was talking to KrystaI when she decided to make her own MMV
She started going through my iTunes library till she found
Heaven by DJ Sammy
She SSed everything herself and cropped them
She even finished checking the timing for the entire MMV
Then i had to render the entire project
Let’s see what happened
1st Attempt: 3.11 GB (3,347,914,752 bytes)
2nd Attempt: 81.8 MB (85,794,816 bytes)
3rd Attempt: 17.9 MB (18,866,176 bytes)

Some problems that i encountered while making the MMV was the MP3 that i had was too long
I easily fixed that problem using Audicity
I prefer the old Intro/Credit screen so i exported those files into Vegas
For those who want to know what that funny picture was at the end, let me find the link

But finally, i fixed almost everything up
Here we are!


NGPriest: Current SP Allocations

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This is the current SP allocations for me

I forgot to update Doom, so i used too much SP
But it says

3/20 Elemental Resistance
5/20 Dispel
4/20 Magic Door
30/30 Holy Symbol
30/30 Shining Ray
1/30 Doom
15/30 Summon Dragon


NGPriest: Hackers steal gamers’ currency

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MapleStory players blame company for lax security
By Tan Weizhen
Players of the wildly popular online game MapleStory are furious with the company which hosts the game on its servers, Asiasoft.
Tens of thousands of virtual dollars were lost by gamers after Asiasoft’s servers were hacked into, and players are charging that the company did not provide them with adequate protection.
Worse, they say, Asiasoft has not compensated them for their losses.
Online forums are abuzz with chatters among victims, and 20 gamers called The Straits Times to complain about being shortchanged.
The gamers, mostly professionals in their 30s, say they have spnt up to $10,000 each on the game.
In MapleStory, players fight monsters and complete quests, which earn them in-game currency called “mesos”.
This currency allows them to buy more powers or weapons for their character – so they can progress to higher levels of the game – as well as more mundane items like stylish clothes.
But many who do not want to spend hours online to earn mesos short-circuit the process by forking out real cash for the currency.
This makes virtual cash hoards a tempting target for hackers, who aim to plunder accounts and sell their loot for the real thing.
Players say the hacking began last month, and is still continuing. The gamers believe hundreds of accounts have been hacked into so far.
“Every single day, we hear of accounts being hacked into,” said one player, housewife Serena Chiu, 38.
The victims blame Asiasoft’s lax online security.
“I’ve been playing for eight years and this is the first time I’ve seen gamers affected on such a big scale. American-based games are not as bad, with much, more frequent software updates and patches,” said engineer Eric Foo, 34.
Players rejected suggestions that lax practices – such as playing the game in cybercafes, whose computers are notorious for hosting trojans which can log passwords and the like – are responsible for their losses.
Said teacher Sandra Tay, 21: “The recent hacking cases are nothing like what we’ve seen before. Players who have never logged into their accounts in cybercafes, or given away passwords, or visited malicious websites, have been hacked.”
Other gamers agree, saying they are all savvy adults who know how to protect themselves online.
Asiasoft, meanwhile, says such hacking incidents for online multi-player games are fairly common, and that uses should be vigilant.
It added that it has taken action to combat the hacking, which it says originated in china, by increasing the number of firewalls for game servers. It has also advised gamers to change their login passwords on a regular basis.
But another beef of the gamers is that they will not be compensated for their losses.
The Straits Times understands that Asiasoft is unlikely to restore the accounts in full or return the virtual cash. However, it is trying to work out a compensation package.
“I’ve spent $10,000 and a lot of time and energy to build up all my characters and equipment. Now everything is gone…How can Asiasoft just brush off this incident?” asked irate Malaysian gamer Oon Jiunn Siang, 26, a sales executive.
there are questions over Asiasoft’s liability.
According to lawyer Bryan Tan, director of Keystone Law Corporation, “the loss is due to a third party and the server operator may say it is not his responsibility”.
He added: “The best the gamers can hope for is for the game host to restore the virtual cash to them out of goodwill.”
Police are investigating, but lawyers say this may bring scant relief to victims. The actions of the Singapore police are limited to this country, they say, and it is difficult to prosecute online criminals across jurisdictions.


NGPriest: Breakfast time!

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Finally eating breakfast, trying to take pics of it all morning
What do you think?

I cooked it myself, dare to eat it?
Yes, that is an egg near the top
and i left my drink downstairs F4
Well, i’ll be back after i finish eating my breakfast?

What else do we have?
That’s my bookmark from Singapore on the left
Further left, that’s one of the MANY D-Link routers i use for the network
The server network uses more advance routers
Above that is my container of receipts, abit right are macdonalds vouchers
And top right is the diary dindin got for me F2
Oh, there’s where my phone’s spare battery is! (Between the bowl and the line filter?)


NGPriest: Hackers spoil MapleStory fun

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Hackers spoil MapleStory fun
Players, who have spent as much as $2,000 on the game, file police reports

Hedirman Supian
[email protected]

HAVING sunk time and cold, hard cash into building up their virtual characters in an online game, some frustrated gamers have lodged a police report after seeing their accounts instantly depleted because of recent hacking incidents.
IT engineer Jordan Tay, told Today he was trying to rally more gamers in online forums to file reports.
“I’ve been playing the game for over two years, and I’ve spent over $700. Now all my time invested has gone down the drain,” he said. “I’m frustrated that AsiaSoft hadn’t done much to stop the hacking incidents.”
In MapleStory (picture), gamers defeat monsters to increase the skills and abilities of their characters and earn the game’s currency.
Character enhancements, or “assets”, can be bought from the game’s online shop or sold between players using the game’s currency or real-world cash. Items for sale include virtual pets, hats and shoes to change the appearance of their characters and weapons. A rare weapon, for instance, can cost up to $70.
According to AsiaSoft Online, the game’s publisher and regional distributor, the game has 87 million accounts worldwide, with2 million accounts from Singapore alone.
AsiaSoft marketing director Ng Kok Khwang said the online attacks took place in August. “We were under attack by Chinese hackers from China, and we have since blocked IP addresses from China and are monitoring the situation,” Mr Ng said.
“We are conducting our investigation, and will assist the police if necessary.”
Police told Today their investigations are ongoing.

A rampant problem worldwide
Mr Ng pointed out that “such incidents are quite rampant in successful MMORPGs (massively multi-player online role-playing games)”, and the problem is worldwide. AsiaSoft also distributes the popular World of Warcraft online game here.
Another gamers’ favourite, Granado Espada, sees about five such hacking cases being reported every month, from countries like the Philippines and Malaysia. It has more than 118,000 players here.
Ms Danielle Kuek, Granado Espada’s regional community manager, said incidents reported from Singapore are rare and mostly occur in countries where gamers are careless with their account details.
“Most of the so-called hacking cases we encounter were due to users playing at certain cybercafés that have keyloggers or trojans,” she said. These are hidden computer programs that enable hackers to record or farm information from computer users.
Ms Kuek said gamers here are educated on how to safeguard their accounts by changing their passwords regularly and playing only at endorsed cybercafes.
Meanwhile, AsiaSoft is taking steps to prevent the problem from reoccurring, working with Korea-based game developer Nexon. “We upgraded our IT security measures, increased the number of firewalls for game servers with the latest technology, and are currently working with third-party expertise,” said Mr Ng.
“We’d like to reassure the community that security has been stepped up and new measures are in place to eradicate future attacks.”
Ms Young Siew Yim, a teacher, was one gamer who has filed a report with the police. She spent more than $2,000 over two years on MapleStory.
“I was careful not to do things that would reveal my password to hackers, yet my account was hacked. It’s AsiaSoft’sresponsibility to handle the problem. When I visited their support outlet, they could not do much to help me,” she said. “It’s a really nice game but I’ve got no mood to play.”


NGPriest: Site re-write

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I spent the morning re-writing the codes of my blog
I’ve re-written the one of the JS (JavaScript) around 3 times till i got what i wanted to see
If you look around the top of the blog, try clicking on the “Live Shoutbox” or else the “Tag Cloud” on the right of the blog
Anyways, the patch will start soon, i have already patched and calculated the MD5 Hash of each post

Going to rest some stuff out

Game Client Patch on 11/09

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that there will be a Game Client Patch and Cash Shop Update for MapleSEA on the 11th September 2008, from 0800 hrs onwards (+8 GMT). The Game Service will be down during this period. Please logout before this time to avoid any loss of items.

The upcoming patch includes:

Version 0.62

* Implementation of MDAS items effect!
* Reported Bugs Fixed!
* New Cash Items added!

If you have problem running the auto-patch when starting the game through the desktop shortcut, restart your PC and follow the steps described in this link here:

If this fails, please download the manual patch. If manual patch does not work, please re-download the new game client. Check our FAQ section for more information.

– MapleSEA Administrator


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