BananaStatio: Banned Story.

Ξ January 29th, 2010 | → 2 Comments | ∇ Author: BananaStatio |

Hi all. It’s been a while since the last post I made. Some of you might be amazed by the Screen Shot of Decade in MapleStorySEA wall right? It’s not my doing, I am not that pro in graphic.

Some of you might seen this picture before. It is undeniable that I am fans of Kamen Rider. I can’t deny that I did search for Kamen Rider skin for Banned Story but I failed to find any. Since I can’t find it, I decide to play with Banned Story for awhile and these are what I made (Characters from Kamen Rider Kabuto series)… Enjoy!

Tendou Souji – Kamen Rider Kabuto Sou Yaguruma – Kamen Rider TheBee Kazama Daisuke – Kamen Rider Drake
Walking the path of Heaven, the man who will rule everything. Perfect harmony. Ultimate makeup!
Kamishiro Tsurugi – Kamen Rider Sasword Kagami Arata – Kamen Rider Gatack Shun Kageyama – Kamen Rider Punch Hopper
The man who replaces the Gods with a sword’s slash The man who washes (Aratta) his face in front of a mirror (Kagami) everyday. We will always be partners.

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Jykur0: I reported ZakuraMS on Facebook.

Ξ January 29th, 2010 | → 3 Comments | ∇ Author: Jykur0 |

I reported Zakura MS on Facebook

they been spamming advertisement about Zakura on Maplestory2 wall.

nd im sick of it. nd i reported it..

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Jykur0: Emil Chronicle Online (ECO)

Ξ January 28th, 2010 | → 1 Comment | ∇ Author: Jykur0 |

Emil Chronicle Online VP 2


cute game.:D

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NGPriest: Removal of Anime-themed related Cash Shop Items

Ξ January 27th, 2010 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Fire Shadow Package

Cherry Blossom Package

Alchemist Package

Chaos Package

Fire Shadow Hair
(6000 -> 5000)

Cherry Blossom Hair
(6000 -> 5000)

Edwin Wig
(4500 -> 3000)

Chaos Metallic Helmet
(5200 -> 4500)

Fire Shadow Suit
(6000 -> 5000)

Cherry Blossom Suit
(6000 -> 5000)

Alchemist Overall
(4500 -> 4000)

Chaos Armor
(5800 -> 4800)

Ninja Shoes
(3000 -> 1500)

Alchemist Shoes
(3000 -> 2500)

Chaos Metallic Shoes
(4000 -> 3500)

Metallic Arm
(5500 -> 5000)

Wheel of Fortune
(600 -> 300)

Magic Hourglass
(400 -> 200)

Mu Mu the Traveling Merchant
(1000 -> 500)
12 500 @Cash
12 500 @Cash
15 500 @Cash
13 800 @Cash


NGPriest: Cash Shop Update on 27/01

Ξ January 26th, 2010 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Fur Hat 4500@Cash/90 Days Unknown Patch
Blue Sadness

2500@Cash/90 Days v87 Patch
Wite Rabbit Mask (White Rabbit Mask)

4500@Cash/90 Days v87 Patch
White Rabbit Suit 5500@Cash/90 Days v87 Patch
White Rabbit Gloves 3500@Cash/90 Days v87 Patch
White Rabbit Shoes 4000@Cash/90 Days v87 Patch
Yellow Anticipation 4000@Cash/90 Days v85 Patch
Green Smart T 3000@Cash/90 Days v85 Patch


ChambyT: My tortoise..

Ξ January 25th, 2010 | → 1 Comment | ∇ Author: ChambyT |

My tortoise died.. =(  Sad..

ChambyT's tortoise

You see the head.. =.=”


NGPriest: Free MapleKorea Account

Ξ January 25th, 2010 | → 7 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Yep, 1 free MapleKorea Account?

Just leave a comment and justify why you need a MapleKorea account?


Feel free to type anything you want, best commenter or whatever will be chosen by our staff members, we may make a vote to allow you to vote for the best comment

a) Best Comment
b) Funny Comment (English please if you want extra votes, non-english is only understood by certain members)
c) Any content (No viruses please…)

The winner may be required to post content to if and required…

PS: Banana, hurry up with the contract…

Good luck!


NGPriest: The Little Nyonya

Ξ January 24th, 2010 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

It took me under 24 hours to write the script, which contains 1 line, but contains 6464 Characters and take up LOTS of time to test, (which is why i won’t be testing it :D)

Anyways, see it in action here:

Both are running off the same database, so there’s no need to worry about any changes to the script/database

Please leave a comment on this post if there are any mistakes/errors/etc?

Thank you!
Joey Lau aka NGPriest
NextGeneration and NGElites


NGPriest: Skribit

Ξ January 23rd, 2010 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Today would be the 380th day since i started using Skribit and during that short amount of time, i have got to know my readers better (and how scared some of them are of me)

Anyways, since Skribit was re-launched, we have decided to start using it again, due to all the new features in the dashboard, which would allow us to further ban certain users from abusing features that have been added to the site for your entertainment.

Feel free to leave any positive suggestions to help us decide what to blog about and do NOT flood the shoutbox on the right!

Hope you have a wonderful 2010 as we enter the Year of the Tiger!

From everyone at!


NGPriest: F***ingmango?

Ξ January 23rd, 2010 | → 1 Comment | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Joey says: The site has 10 authors
Richie says: 0.0
Richie says: realy?
Richie says: you the fuckingmango?
Richie says: i mean crazy
Richie says: =.=
Joey says: Sigh…
Richie says: Chamby?
Richie says: or banana
Richie says: or
Richie says: saphira
Richie says: or sianzxd
Richie says: or wingzof
Richie says: or i pain
Richie says: i mean ipain
Richie says: or ngpriestess?
Richie says: hello you there joey?
Joey’s friend says: hello you there or not


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