NGPriest: 3rd Job

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El Nath doesn’t have which following monsters? Dark Ligator
For the 1st job adv. Which job fully states the job adv. requirement? Bowman – 25 DEX
Green Mushroom, Tree Stump, Bubbling, Axe Stump, Octopus, which is highest level of all? Axe Stump
In 1st job adv. which of the following is WRONG requirement? Thief – 20 LUK or more
In GM Event, how many FRUIT CAKE you can get as reward? 5
In Kerning City, who is the father of Alex, the run way kid? Chief Stan
In MapleStory, what EXP needed to level up from Lv1 to Lv2? 15 EXP
Maple Island doesn’t have which following monsters? Pig
What is the item you get after you give 30 Dark Marbles to instructor in 2nd job adv.? Proof of Hero
When you hit by monster, which of following not fully explained? Weaken – slow down moving speed.
Which is the first NPC you meet in Maple Island? Heena
Which item you give Maya at Henesys in order to cure her sickness? Weird Medicine
Which material doesn’t need for awaken Hero’s Gladius? Fairy Wing
Which monster has not appeared in Maple Island? Evil Eye
Which monster is not at Victoria Island and Sleepywood? Sentinel
Which monster will be seem during the ship trip to Orbis/Ellinia? Crimson Barlog
Which NPC cannot be seen in El Nath snowfield? Elma the Housekeeper
Which NPC cannot be seen in El Nath? Sophia
Which NPC cannot be seen in Ellinia? Roel
Which NPC cannot be seen in Henesys? Teo
Which NPC cannot be seen in Kerning City? Luke
Which NPC cannot be seen in Maple Island? Teo
Which NPC cannot be seen in Perion? Francois
Which NPC is not belong to Alpha Platoon’s Network of Communication? Peter
Which NPC is not related to pets? Vicious
Which of following are not 2nd job adv. ? Mage
Which of following highest level quest? Alcaster and the Dark Crystal
Which of following monsters can fly? Malady
Which of following monsters got CORRECT item corresponding to the monster? Stirge – Stirge’s wing
Which of following monsters got WRONG item corresponding to the monster? Nependeath – Nependeath’s leaf
Which of following NPC is not related to item synthesis/refine? Shane
Which of following potions got CORRECT info.? Pizza – Recover 400 HP
Which of following potions got WRONG info.? Sunrise Dew – Recover 3000 MP
Which of following quests can be repeated? Arwen and the Glass Shoe.
Which of these monsters will you NOT be facing in Ossyria? Croco
Which town is not at Victoria Island? Amherst or Southperry



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