NGPriest: My day at GS2

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I really should keep track of what time i do stuff

Left Aquarium, went to El Nath -> Orbis -> Ellinia -> Perion -> Kerning -> CBD -> BQT -> GS2

Trained with Guild, he AFKed, he came back, he went to GS6

Anyways, o0JumPeR0o and LoRdNoRlhlrO, try training then trying to KS me

Thank you xHermitGaIx for helping me take control of the map

Got 2 more KSers/Raiders JahzZ and DaniuGoMoo2

Hopefully i’ll get the map back

Will try to find Asiasoft/Nexon/Wizet’s rules on Maps
AsiaSoft Online was founded in the year of 2004, publishing MMOPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Playing Game) in Singapore and Malaysia. Asiasoft online PUBLISHES Maplestory. The role of a publisher is to sell prepaid cards, provide support services, advertise the game,organise events and to also feedback the bugs to Wizet. Asiasoft is unable to edit or add anything in game.

Wizet is a game development studio located in Seoul,South Korea, and is popular for its hit game Maplestory. Wizet developed a franchise system and expanded its services to Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and Europe. Eventually, Wizet reached the global world after having finished developing key features of MapleStory.
Wizet started as a small company with ideas to create yet another Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. With the financial resources from their parent company Nexon, Wizet was capable of developing and even selling merchandise of their popular game, Maplestory. In the end, Wizet merged with Nexon.

So for now, Wizet=Nexon. Nexon is also a publisher but not for Maplesea. However, Nexon is the game creator. Thus, Nexon’s role is to fix bugs, create maps, create items(be it cash or non-cash). Anything in game is done by Nexon. All Maps belong to Nexon. The patch timings,patches and server checks are all done by Nexon. Nexon modifies the in game contents.

The Game Masters in Maplestory acts as in game “police”. Their role is to catch hackers or scammers. They are not suppose to fix bugs or create maps. In future, please avoid posting for GMs to fix bugs or create a new map.
10. Buying / selling of maps or Free Market spots, hiring of map guarders

All maps in MapleStory are free for all and solely belong to Wizet; players do not have the rights to dominate or conduct sales for a particular map.

By “purchasing” a map from others, it is a monetary trade only between the seller and you, with no involvement with any maps or whatsoever. You do not the ownership of the map, and other players have the right to use or share the same map.

AsiaSoft Online will not be held responsible if any scams arise from such trades.



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