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Ξ May 14th, 2008 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

If this link works, it means you can patch before else does
Be one of the first to login (while everyone is still patching)

Therefore, NGPriest (and the other GM’s) are proud to present:

–> Maple Patch 00054 to 00055! <–

FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON (NGPriest or the GM forgot to check the Patch numbers, here is the NEW Link (That works NOW at 0015 GMT+10)
–> Maple Patch 00054 to 00056! <–
(But we hope it works)

Nope, it was Asiasoft who stopped the release of 0.55, therefore, the GM’s didn’t know about this and when NGPriest checked the FTP, it turns out to be 0.56, not 0.55
a) Something is wrong with 0.55
b) Someone told the GMC’s about this site? (Well, some of the GM’s know about this site, so we can assume a?)

Oh, if the link DOESN’T work, it means the patch hasn’t been released yet
The link SHOULD be faster than Auto patcher, since the Auto patcher will be used for ALMOST ALL maplers when the servers go back up (and you’ll already be on when everyone is patching?)

Usually, NGPriest and the GM’s will already be on researching (and testing) the new features, join us as soon as the servers go up?



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