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2xDrop and 2xDrop Rate

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

What is the difference between
2xDrop vs 2xDrop Rate?

2xDrop is abit like Meso Up where everything drops 2x
2xDrop rate is increasing your chances of getting a drop

Assume you have a jar of Marbles
25 Red, 75 Blue
If you draw a Red Marble, you get an etc drop
Each time you attack, the client will draw a marble to see if you got a drop
Therefore, if it was 2xDrop Rate, you’ll have 50 Red and 50 Blue

Moving on
1 Red and 999 Blue (or maybe 9 999 Blue)
By reading this, you might have worked out this is for Equips or Scrolls
So yeah, you worked out the chances might be 1/1 000 or 1/10 000
By training in 2xDrop Rate, you increase your chances to 2/1 000 (aka 1/500) or 2/10 000 (aka 2/5 000)
But it all depends on the equip that drops, the higher LEV it is, the harder it is to get

While typing this, i found a

  • Dellinger, Req LEV: 15, Req STR: 15, Req DEX: 25, Req INT: 0, Req LUK: 0, Req FAM: -, Pirate, Category: Gun, Attack Speed: Normal, Weapon Attack: 18, Number of Upgrades Available: 7
  • Dellinger, LEV15 Pirate Gun, WA18, UPG7

Dropped from Slimy

Hope noone gets confused between 2xDrop and 2xDrop Rate!


Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Domain Name: com
Registered on: 12/20/2007 6:33:15 AM
Expires on: 12/20/2008 6:33:15 AM

So yeah, anyone existing on the com server
Please register a new site at server
Then request a transfer of sites after this post