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Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

725 Visits
1,223 Pageviews
1.69 Pages/Visit
72.00% Bounce Rate
00:02:29 Avg. Time on Site
60.83% % New Visits

Thanks for reading everyone!
1.69 Pages/Visit <-- Honestly, my blog is more than just 1 page 72.00% <-- At least 28% of visitors explored my site 2m 29s is Good, i can read my blog in less time than that, but yeah 60.83% % New Visits, wow, my blog is growing everyday! What i learnt from reading the stats? When MapleSEA goes down for Client Patching, the MapleSEA site DOESN'T work and i usually create a cached copy of the site, then when too many people visit my blog, my blog ALSO goes down (in the past) Also, if anyone had heard of ButterworthX aka Butterworth2 who was hopping in and out of NGElites, i found out it was a place in Penang? Check it out at:,_Penang

Looking from the SEA data, we have 78.07% of ALL visitors from the SEA Region
Within SEA
59.19% from Singapore
39.58% from Malaysia
1.33% from Others (Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand)

The full list:

  1. 80.41% Asia
  2. 10.21% Oceania
  3. 7.31% Americas
  4. 1.66% Europe
  5. 0.41% Africa

Finally, we have a FF win!
57.38% Firefox
37.93% Internet Explorer
Rest are under 1%

I would like to thank PlayPark Forums for providing 54.76% of referred traffic
My old blog provided 27.15% of all referred traffic
The others are under 10%

Usually, i can also see what people searched to see my blog
There are 86 Pages of keywords, so i’ll do the top 10 only

  1. ngpriest
  2. www.prism-of-des
  3. darylhocw
  5. capt.latanica
  6. maple gift card monster
  7. maplepatch00063to00064.exe
  8. maplesea download patch 0.64
  9. “are you my type” singapore
  10. “플레임위자드”

Guess that’s all that’s left that is INTERESTING to read
The rest are just numbers, quite boring, will fall asleep and miss 2xEXP if i continue to read
Oh, you better hurry, 2xEXP starts in 6mins

Questions to Think About.

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Something to really think about.

2 questions:

Question 1:

If you knew a woman who was pregnant,! who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion?

Read the next question before looking at the response for this one.

Question 2:

It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three candidates. Who would you vote for?

Candidate A.
Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologist. He’s had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day.

Candidate B.
He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college and drinks a quart of whiskey every evening.

Candidate C
He is a decorated war hero. He’s a vegetarian, doesn’t smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife.

Which of these candidates would be our choice?

Decide first… no peeking, then scroll down for the response.

Candidate A is Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Candidate B is Winston Churchill.
Candidate C is Adolph Hitler.

And, by the way, on your answer to the abortion question: If you said YES, you just killed Beethoven.

Pretty interesting isn’t it? Makes a person think before judging someone.

Wait till you see the end of this note! Keep reading..

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember: Amateurs…built the ark. Professionals…built the Titanic

And Finally, can you imagine working for a company that has a little more than 500 employees and has the following statistics:

  • 29 have been accused of spousal abuse
  • 7 have been arrested for fraud
  • 19 have been accused of writing bad checks
  • 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
  • 3 have done time for assault
  • 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
  • 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
  • 8 have been arrested for shoplifting
  • 21 are currently defendants in lawsuits
  • 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year…

Can you guess which organization this is?

! Give up yet?

It’s the 535 members of the United States Congress.

The same group that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line.

Series of Fun this School Holidays!

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Dear Maplers,
A series of fun when school holiday starts!!! This holiday, GM will be organising 4 mini games in MapleSEA at random timing on random days! Yes! 4 different mini games! Be sure not to miss the exciting event brought to you by the GMs from MapleSEA.

Event: Series of Fun this School Holidays!
Date: 22nd November 2008 to 31st December 2008

  • Free Market.
  • Random training locations.
  • Channel will be selected by GM randomly.

Time: Between 1200hrs to 2200hrs

  1. Hide & Seek -Every Monday & Wednesday, 1 Session per day per world
  2. Card and Omok Game – Everyday, 3 Sessions per day per world
  3. Don’t forget the lyrics!/Song title – Every Friday & Sunday, 1 session per day per world
  4. Maple Anagram – Everyday, 3 Sessions per day per world

Event Details

  • There will be 4 Mini games in this event.
  • GMs will be choosing a random time in any of the days between 22nd Nov to 23 Dec 2008 to play these mini games with the players.
  • The coupon codes for the prizes will be sent through Qbox to notified the winner of the event in MapleSEA website.

Mini Games Details
1. Hide & Seek

  • GM will first hide in one of the 22 rooms in the FM.
  • Announcement slides will be made to inform players on the participating channel.
  • Once a player found the GM, he/she must use the weather sprinkle in the room saying “GM! I’ve found you!”.
  • But if nobody has found the GM within 5 minutes using the specified requirement, the GM will move to another channel in a different room to start over again.
There will be a total of 12 lucky winners and each winner will win a Kadomatsu.

2. Card and Omok Game

  • GM will appear randomly to challenge with different group of 5 players with 5 rounds of Omok or Card games.
  • Each player will get to play once. If the group of challengers managed to defeat the GM 3 of out 5 times, the GM will use a set of GM buffs on the players to give them an extra boost in their training.
Prize : GM’s Blessing includes: Bless, Haste, Hyber Body and Holy Symbol.

3. Don’t forget the lyrics! / Guess the song title

  • GM will appear to players in random training grounds.
  • The GM will either type a line of song lyrics for players to guess the song title.
  • Otherwise, GM will type a line of lyrics with missing words and get the player to fill in the blanks. In order to win, player has to use the Megaphone to let the GM know the correct answer.
There will be a total of 11 lucky winners and each winner will win a Kadomatsu.

4. Maple Anagram

  • GM will appear in random training maps, create a mini game room with the jumbled word as title and the answer will be the password to enter the room.
  • The word given will be a word found in the game, it might be a name of an item or NPC too.
  • Arrange the jumbled Alphabets given to form the correct word.
  • Any player on the map got into the game room will get the players in the whole map buffed with a set of GM buffs in game.
Prize – GM’s Blessing includes: Bless, Haste, Hyber Body and Holy Symbol.

Rules and Regulations

  • Players can use any character in the events.
  • Players who use offensive, sexual, abusive representations etc will result in disqualification & disciplinary action will be dealt with accordance to our User Abuse Policy.
  • GM Decision is final.

– MapleSEA Event Administrator

NGPriest: I get over 200 MP per 10secs
Also seems like Asiasoft will only give the Kadomatsu to @cash spenders?
Bless, Haste, Hyber Body and Holy Symbol
Bless = I have it
Holy Symbol = I already have it
Hyber Body = I thought it was Hyper Body? I can always find a Spearman/Dragon Knight/Dark Knight to HB me?