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Zakum Abuse

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Let’s start off with the MapleSEA site

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that there is an increase in users in MapleSEA abusing the benefits of the Zakum Squad System. Please note that with effect from 28th Sept 2007 onwards, anyone found abusing the system will be dealt with according to our User Abuse Policy.

The offending user shall be liable for a penalty if he/she is found abusing the convenience of this Zakum Squad System.
The penalty of abusing Zakum Squad System shall be based on the following:
1. Buying/Requesting/Selling/Advertising of Zakum Services
2.Squad leader who constantly kicks out squad members as reservation of slots for own friends and acquaintances.
3. Delaying in starting Zakum battle for a period of time for the sake of own benefits. (May also refer point 2)

Offence: Buying/Requesting/Selling/Advertising Zakum services
Days in-game Ban: 30 Days
AP Status: Restricted for verification
Penalty Fee: 1 X Highest level in the whole AsiaSoft Passport
Inventory reset: Zakum Helm (if any)

– Maple Administrator

More from the forums

Attention to ALL zakum organiser!

After reading alot of the recruitment thread,i found out alot of organizer that offer help to those unhelmed maplers which is good BUT donations SHOULD be made at the player’s discretion. IT SHOULD NOT BE COMPULSORY.

25-Oct-2007, 07:23 AM


Zakum Time-Tables in the PlayPark Forums

After clarification with the game and forum administrators, it has been decided that the Zakum Time-Tables made by players and forumites in the Party Recruitment Section will no longer be sent to the litter bins.

All Zakum Time-Table topics/threads made by players and forumites are recognised as non-official and will not be pinned by the Moderators.

For any disputes and unhappiness arising as a result of the Time-Table topics/threads, please direct them to the D&D forum section.

The time can be arranged for Zakum Squad Parties to attempt at the Zakum Squad System using the Time-Table(s) created by the players or the forumites. However, you cannot claim that the timeslot belongs to your party. They are subject to the in-game situation. If a party is already in the Zakum Altar, the waiting party cannot harrass the playing party and force it to come out of the Altar. Allow the inside to finish their run first before entering.

22-Feb-2008, 05:03 PM

[Singapore] Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist Movie Premiere

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Hi Maplers,

Do you have any loved ones whom you wish to express your undying love for? Do you
wish to dedicate a special love song for the people you love?

NOW, this is your chance to do so and at the same time get to win a pair of movie
In collaboration with Sony Pictures, is holding a movie screening of Nick
& Norah’s Infinite Playlist exclusively for Maplers.

Date: 3rd December 2008, Wednesday
Screen Time: 7:15pm
Venue: The Cathay

Step 1: Do a blog post on the following:
Simply come out with a short song playlist and how it relates to your loved ones or
dedicate a short playlist to the person you love on your blog.

Step 2: Link!
End your blog post with the following link: with the message
“Movie opening 11th Dec!”

Please send your blog permalink to [email protected] together with your name
and contact details.
Deadline: 30th November 2008

MyMapleWorld team