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NGPriest: O2Angel

Ξ January 24th, 2009 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Perfect Game?
Good try KrystaI



NGPriest: Back to my normal self?

Ξ January 24th, 2009 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Yep, i’m back to normal?
Sleep during daylight
Awake during the moonlight?

Almost time for me to sleep soon
Be awake in 8 hours?

This is pics of the reunion
The people in the pics are me, Charles, Jason and Jeffery
I’m the one in the black, pale as usual
The one in the green shirt is Andrew?

The stuff on the table?
My personal Vista laptop, Projector and my boss’s laptop?

Enjoy looking at me? (My first public image)

dsc05878 dsc05880

Charles = MegaV4 and MegaV2
Jason = MegaV3
Andrew = MegaV5

dsc05884 dsc06155
Start of event End of event


NGPriest: MaplePatch00066to00067.exe.torrent

Ξ January 24th, 2009 | → 5 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Piece length: 32.0 kB
Piece count: 432
Hashing files
Saving File…
File saved.


Then if all fails, leave a comment and i’ll upload a copy to this server (and multiple minors)


NGPriest: Adobe Programs

Ξ January 24th, 2009 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Okay, since i’m a web designer (and hoster), i usually use a few programs to help me in my work
I rarely depend on Notepad these days, i use Notepad++

For images, i use Fireworks and Photoshop
Then for the coding, i use Dreamweaver?
Animations, i use Flash Professional?

I will upload some stuff when WY or Lim find me some pics to fix up?
And yes, it WILL be funny? (or will TRY to be?)

Sadly, the end of my holidays are coming to a close, sorry to those people i couldn’t meet
My last 2 trips are
1. Sibu -> Kuching -> Kuala Lumpur
2. Kuala Lumpur -> Sydney -> Brisbane

I’ve updated this site abit today, moving all the stuff that i will delete after i leave Malaysia to a section on my blog
Sorry to those who i deleted all my Liens, you didn’t link back, did you?

But yeah, for those who want/need help making images, leave a comment on this site, i’ll see what i can do?


NGPriest: Enjoy 2x Exp during this Lunar New Year!

Ξ January 24th, 2009 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Dear Mapler,

2X EXP is coming your way from 26th January 2009 to 27th January 2009 during this festive season. Everyone can enjoy MapleSEA to its fullest!

The 2X EXP event is available in the worlds during these time slots:

26th January 2009 (Monday):
From 2000hrs to 2200hrs (+8 GMT)

27th January 2009 (Tuesday):
From 1400hrs to 1600hrs (+8 GMT)

Enjoy an additional 20% experience if you play MapleSEA at @Cafe and get the maximum boast up to 4.8x EXP if you use your 2x Exp card!
– MapleSEA Administrator


NGPriest: Tri-Trio-Triple Event!!!

Ξ January 24th, 2009 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Dear Maplers,

Here is your chance to get more experience points with the Tri-Trio-Triple online event! From 21st Jan till 24th Feb 2009, an extra bonus EXP will be given away at every 3rd monster you hunt!!!

The longer you stay in game, the more bonus EXP you will receive for the 3rd monster hunted.

After 1 hour of login until 2 hours: Bonus 30% EXP at every 3rd mob hunted
2 hours to 3 hours: Bonus 100% EXP at every 3rd mob hunted
3 hours to 4 hours: Bonus 150% EXP at every 3rd mob hunted
4 hours to 5 hours: Bonus 180% EXP at every 3rd mob hunted
5 hours and above: Bonus 200% EXP at every 3rd mob hunted

– MapleSEA Administrator


NGPriest: January 2009’s Gachapon Update!

Ξ January 24th, 2009 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Dear Maplers,

Gacha gacha! New surprises await you in January! Check out these adorable items and see if you’re lucky enuff to get them. Grab a Gachapon ticket now!

– MapleSEA Administrator


NGPriest: CNY Asiasoft Game DVD Premium Boxset Sales

Ξ January 24th, 2009 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Dear Maplers,

Are you among those unlucky players who missed out on our premium sales at Suntec, Singapore?

Well, here is your chance to get them again, especially for our Malaysia supporters! Get an exclusive pet which is not available anywhere else in the game, and be the center of attraction among friends!

Since it is Chinese New Year, these Premium Boxsets will be sold at a discounted price! So with that extra Ang Pau money left to spend, what are you waiting for? Stocks are LIMITED! Better get them before everyone else does!

MapleStory DVD Premium Boxset
Pet Kino Mushroom (In-game item)
1 PPC worth 10K of ACash
Game Client
Game Booklet
Selling at RM88.00

How to get ‘em?
Contact our distributors in your local area. Arrangements can be made for pick up or delivery delivery and payment of the items can be made via phone or email.


Stay tune for more distribution outlets!

– MapleSEA Administrator



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