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Nice to meet Maplers who can speak english without mixing hokien/cantonese/malay into their sentences, but this only happens on MapleSEA
With MapleJapan and MapleKorea, people stick to their normal langage, with the exception of people speaking english, (like me when i forget some words)
What about with MapleSEA, we stick with 1 language and pick a side language?
Let’s say English/Chinese with English/Chinese as side?

Hokien/Cantonese/Foo Chow (who ever speaks foo chow in Maple?) is a dialect?
Malay? Hmm, i can do Chinese, but i do NOT do malay
My gf did teach me some malay?
Saya Cinta saya gf F2
Saya tadak gila
I would like to thank my buddies/guildies (and allies) that are malay for speaking english
To hose who can’t speak english, i am working on it?

DishonestKid, i say, would be very understanding and nice to chat to?
Drucela, i somehow got your items back, if you want to know how, ask DishonestKid
Ceeave, it was nice to see you again, AFTER YOU LONG BREAK!

One of my coders mis-read the SS, it should be arvelias, not avelias
What does it mean anways?

NGElites, i heard allied with another guild
See ingame for details

BabYTooNs, <– Notice the actual capitalizing?
Fixed this issues with Cleverger25, let’s hope we have no more mis-understanding between the guilds

My KittyHog or CatHog or HogKitty or HogCat
Pick one for me?

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