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Okay, as i was teaching BananaStatio, a basic page is as follows

<title>This is the title</title>
This is the body

The <title> is the text that appears at the top of the screen
The <body> is the area, which is visible on the screen

Within the <body>, you can use tags, such as:

<b></b> = Bold (XHTML uses <strong></strong>)
<i></i> = Italic (XHTML uses <em></em>)
<u></u> = Underline (and people confuse this with links)
<sup> = Superscript
<sub> = Subscript

As well as <a> and <img> and their attributes

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>NGPriest’s Blog</a>
<img src=”” alt=”NGPriest’s Avatar”>

There are also <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> tags, but most of those tags will be viewed differently on each site depending on the css used on each site.

For example:






So, that’s basic HTML, while using HTML, you may need to insert manual line breaks, which can be done by surrounding the paragraph with <p> and </p> or else adding manual line breaks using <br> (XHTML uses <br />) and lastly is <hr> (XHTML uses <hr />

And to code a HTML page, try Notepad/Notepad++ or else Dreamweaver
If you use FrontPage, i was informed that it puts ALOT of unnecessary tags
Any other programs, feel free to lave a comment



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