NGPriest: Server Check and Cash Shop Update on 06/01

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Pharaoh Crown

4500 @Cash/90 Days v85 Patch
Black Military Band Jacket 3000 @Cash/90 Days v87 Patch
Baggy Glow-in-the-dark Pants 3000 @Cash/90 Days v72 Patch
Venus Fireworks
Powerful fireworks to express one’s love! When purchased, enter the name of the character you’re being a couple with, then the item works for both. When the two are together, an effect comes out. Also, it can only be that of one male and one female character.

8000 @Cash/90 Days v87 Patch
Gosling Cushion 4500 @Cash/90 Days v87 Patch

Road Runner Package (v87 Patch) 6000 @Cash/90 Days
  Road Runner
You must be over level 70 in order to use this item and have an in-game mount (Hog, Silver Mane, Red Draco) to use this mount cover.
  Road Runner Key
Must be equipped with Road Runner.



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Not many people might know, but i’m the owner/admin/etc of
Unfortunately, running 2 blogs does take effort keeping both maintained

Luckily, has a team of 9 Authors from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia

I will be giving this domain (and keeping it maintained/renewed/etc) to the team to play/work/etc with

BananaStatio: 23/M/KL, Malaysia
ChambyT: 16/F/Penang, Malaysia
crazymango: 15/F/Malaysia
HolySprings: 18/M/Penang, Malaysia
iPain: 14/M/Indonesia
Saphira: 15/F/Penang, Malaysia
sianzxd: 18/M/Penang, Malaysia
WingzOfChaos: 15/M/Singapore

If you would still like to join the team, feel free to email [email protected]

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to visit me at



    Welcome to

    NGPriest's Blog

    There are 6,861 posts and 303 comments so far. Feel invited to browse the archives, read the about or comment on the latest post.


    • BananaStatio is 23/M/KL, KL, Malaysia
    • ChambyT is 1x/F/Sungai Bakap, Penang, Malaysia
    • chingyi1807 is 1x/F/Malaysia
    • CopyCatty is 1x/M/Hong Kong
    • crazymango is 15/F/Malaysia
    • Eliteratty is ??/M/???
    • HolySprings is 18/M/Sungai Bakap, Penang, Malaysia
    • jaigralia is unknown...
    • Jykur0 is 14/M/Indonesia
    • MakoJr is 1x/M/Singapore
    • NGPriest is 19/M/Brisbane, QLD, Australia
    • PoringCat098 is 1x/F/Malaysia
    • Saphira is 15/F/George Town, Penang, Malaysia
    • shiningthrust is 13/M/Singapore
      shiningthrust is Single
    • sianzxd is 18/M/George Town, Penang, Malaysia
    • Swifty13 is 1x/M/United Kingdom
    • WingzOfChaos is 15/M/Singapore

Random stuff!

  • Loved by Some,
    Hated by Many,
    Envied by Most,
    Yet Wanted by Plenty
  • 10% luck
    20% skill
    15% concentrated power of will
    5% pleasure
    50% pain
    100% reason to remember the name!
  • I write your name in my breath on the window, Sit and watch as it fades away
  • Hi honey.
    Guess what I did at work today?
    I wore a bomb.
    A nuclear bomb in a field of flowers.
    I could get lucky.
    Tomorrow I could have a bigger bomb.
    I could kill more people.
    Maybe they'll be innocent people.
    Children, maybe.
  • "You are like a plague, John Crichton,
    and you have ruined my life . . .
    and yet
    I just keep coming back."
  • I'll watch the night turn light blue
    But it's not the same without you
    Because it takes two to whisper quietly
    The silence isn't so bad
    Till I look at my hands and feel sad
    Cause the spaces between my fingers
    Are right where yours fit perfectly


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