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Banana reminded me about the Pirate Job
Here are the latest findings

Pirates may choose between Infighters or Gunslingers.

Pirate -> Infighter -> Buccaneer -> Viper
Pirate -> Gunslinger -> Valkyrie -> Captain

Pirates are a new job only in KoreaMS. To make the Job Advancement as Pirate, a player needs at least 20 DEX and must be level 10. It is similar to a cross between a warrior and an archer; it needs STR and DEX, just like those two classes. In 2nd job you get to decide if you want to be an Infighter that uses knuckles (short-ranged) or a Gunslinger that uses guns and bullets. Just like assassins the bullets have to be recharged when they run out.

A new job currently only in KoreaMS. To become a Pirate you must go to Nautilus Port and talk to Kairin who gives you the job advancement. You need to have at least 20 DEX and be level 10 to receive the job. It gets skills that prepare you for your next Job advancement, a unique passive skill that raises accuracy and avoid, and a skill that allows you to dash by tapping a direction key twice. You can choose in this advancement to be a Infighter or a Gunslinger. If you choose to be Infighter, you can add Skill Points to the skills: “Straight” and “Somersault Kick”, if you choose to be Gunslinger, you can max the skills: “Dash”, “Double Fire” and “Quick Motion”.

At level 30, Pirates can become an Infighter. Unlike the other path Gunslinger, Infighters are like warriors but instead of using Swords/Axes/Spears it uses Knuckles. It receives skills to increase minimum damage with Knuckles, attack faster with Knuckles, it can use its HP to restore MP, has a unique ability to make monsters not target you, and mainly melee type attack skills. The damage output from these skills is high, but you need to go close range to be able to deal damage just like a Warrior.

At level 70, an Infighter can become a Buccaneer. It’s a big improvement over the Infighter giving it abilities like a Crusader’s Combo skill that allows it to execute a strong mob attack, or drain HP from a monster. Probably the most interesting skill it gets is Stimulation, which turns you into a Super Saiyan like character and increasing your stats for a short time. While it is in this mode, it can execute a powerful move called Smasher, which can target six enemies with no cooldown.

At level 120, a Buccaneer can become a Viper. This is the final job for the Infighter path. It gains a six-hitting move called Fist which is weak on the first 2 hits, but gets stronger on the 3rd and 4th hits and does extremely high damage in the final two hits. It also gains a powerful AoE move. It also gains a improvement for its Super Saiyan like skill after defeating Kairin for it which allows it to attack 8 times so extremely fast that its invisible to the naked eye, and a move that allows to grab a monster toward you like Scorpion’s Harpoon move. Plus it gains a drain like ability that acts like the assassin skill drain but its tons more powerful and hits multiple targets which functions like Chain Lightning. Viper is the only Pirate Job that has party skills. These party skills are Wind Booster and Time Leap. Wind Booster increases the weapon speed for ALL party members and stacks with the booster that your party members already have. Time Leap eliminates all cooldown timers from all skills, but the skill itself has a cooldown that is not affected by its own skill.

At level 30, a Pirate can become a Gunslinger. Gunslingers are like assassin as a mean of using bullets. It needs a gun and bullets. Like the Assassin’s stars, bullets need to be recharged. Unlike stars, bullets have a greater range and some bullets are elemental based. Its also been confirmed that Gunslingers fire faster than Assassins but do less damage due to a different damage formula for guns. Gains skills to raise minimum damage with guns, a unique ability that allows them to float in the air for a short time, has the ability to throw bombs at the enemy, and mainly Gun skills.

At level 70, a Gunslinger can become a Valkyrie. It is a big improvement over the Gunslinger giving it abilities like firing three bullets and summoning Octopuses or Birds that drop bombs on the enemy. It also gains abilities that improve on the elemental bullets you may receive. Also, its unique skill is that it can stick a flag on an enemy dealing damage and the enemy will just follow you and not attack you.

At level 120, a Valkyrie can become a Captain. This is the final job for the Gunslinger path. It mainly gains skills that improves on the Valkyrie skills and gains a gun attack that is basically similar to Storm Arrow. Its most unique skills are its ability is that it let’s you ride a miniature pirate ship. You can only use a Pirate Ship only after beating Kairin while she is on her own pirate ship. While on the Pirate Ship, you gain defense but you lose a lot of speed. You can use all bullet skills while on the Ship and it has a Strafe like skill and a Cannonball move that hits up to six enemies at once. The best skill in its arsenal is the skill Mind Control that allows you to gain control of a monster and have it attack the monsters that are similar to it.


Quick Motion: Increases accuracy and avoidability by up to 20 points. Max is 20 points.
Increases accuracy and avoidability.

Level 1: accuracy +1, avoidability +1
Level 5: accuracy +5, avoidability +5
Level 10: accuracy +10, avoidability +10
Level 15: accuracy +15, avoidability +15
Level 20: accuracy +20, avoidability +20

Dash: Double press to dash. Max is 10 points.
Momentarily increases speed and jump by double-tapping either the left or the right directional key.

Level 1: Lasts 5 seconds
Level 5: Lasts 7 seconds
Level 10: Lasts 10 seconds

1st Strike: Quickly attacks the enemy with fists by using MP. Max is 20 points.
Quickly attacks the enemy with fists.

Level 1: 3 MP, Damage 143%
Level 5: 3 MP, Damage 155%
Level 10: 6 MP, Damage 170%
Level 15: 9 MP, Damage 185%
Level 20: 12 MP, Damage 200%

Somersault Kick: Attacks multiple nearby enemies with legs by jumping and spinning backwards. Max is 20 points.
Attacks multiple nearby enemies with legs by jumping and spinning backwards.

Level 1: 8 MP, Damage 63%, Attack up to 3 enemies
Level 5: 9 MP, Damage 72%, Attack up to 3 enemies
Level 10: 11 MP, Damage 87%, Attack up to 4 enemies
Level 15: 13 MP, Damage 102%, Attack up to 5 enemies
Level 20: 16 MP, Damage 117%, Attack up to 6 enemies

Double Barrel Shot: Attacks the enemy by firing two rounds at once. Max is 20 points.
Attacks the enemy by firing two rounds at once.

Level 1: 3 MP, Damage 41%
Level 5: 3 MP, Damage 45%
Level 10: 6 MP, Damage 50%
Level 15: 9 MP, Damage 55%
Level 20: 12 MP, Damage 60%


HP Increase: Increases your Max HP more when leveling up and using AP on Max HP. Max is 10 points.

Knuckle Mastery: Increases the mastery and accuracy of Knuckle weapons. Max is 20 points.

Knuckle Booster: Temporarily increases Knuckles. Requires 5 points in Knuckle Mastery. Max is 20 points.

MP Recovery: Recovers MP by using HP. Max is 10 points.

Fatal Punch: Stuns and damages multiple enemies behind you by quickly sliding backwards with an elbow. Max is 20 points.

Upper Cut: Stuns and damages the enemy by rapidly punching the enemy twice. Max is 20 points.

Spinning Punch: Rushes forward and punches multiple enemies in front. Max is 20 points.

Hiding: Disguise yourself by putting on an oak barrel to move without taking damage from monsters. Max is 10 points.


Gun Mastery: Increases Mastery of Gun Weapons and increases Accuracy. Max is 20 points.

Gun Booster: Increases Gun’s attack speed. Requires 5 points in Gun Mastery. Max is 20 points.

Fatal Bullet: The fist that’s fired will go through a monster and attack another one behind it. Max is 20 points.

Bomb Toss: Tosses a bomb by holding down the skill button. The longer you hold it down, the farther it is tossed. Can be tossed in the air. Max is 20 points.

Decoy: Fires a fake shot and stuns a number of enemies. Max is 20 points.

Float: Allows player to stay in the air longer. Max is 10 points.

Withdraw: Fires a shot, using the recoil to make the player jump back. Can be used in the air. Requires 5 points in Float. Max is 20 points.

Slot = Set
Bullet, LEV10, Attack+10, 800/Slot
Split Bullet, LEV30, Attack+12, 1200/Slot
Mighty Bullet, LEV50, Attack+14, 1600/Slot
Vital Bullet, LEV70, Attack+16, 2200/Slot
Shiny Bullet, LEV90, Attack+18, 2600/Slot
Eternal Bullet, LEV110, Attack+20, 3000/Slot

Blaze Capsules, LEV70, Fire-element attack, 800/Slot
Glace Capsules, LEV70, Ice-element attack, 800/Slot



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