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NGPriest: MapleSEA 3rd Year Anniversary Triple Tr3ats

Ξ June 10th, 2008 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

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Dear Maplers,
Everyone loves a party! Join us for MapleSEA’s birthday bash as your favourite game turns 3. We’ve got loads of surprises and goodies in store for you so this is one celebration of the year not to be missed!
Date: Sunday, 29th June 2008
Time: 10.00am – 7.30pm (Identity verification starts at 9am)
Venue Suntec City Mall – Tropics Atrium

Create or verify your AsiaSoft Passport account and get a chance to win attractive goodies from a delightful lucky spin game!
Get an exclusive in-game item, specially designed for MapleSEA 3rd Year Anniversary! All you have to do is verify your AsiaSoft Passport with us!
Collect all 3 different in-game prizes and show-off a whole new exclusive set today!

* Valid for the first 1,000 participants only.
*Terms & Condition apply

This is a VIP area, only accessible to those holding Golden Tickets attained through A-Cash prepaid cards and/or from our in-game MapleStory Birthday Bash event. Bring along your used A-Cash prepaid cards to redeem your favourite MapleStory premiums here!
*Terms & Condition apply
Go neck to neck in this adrenaline rushing race, as teams travel to various locations to pick up clues and perform tasks. The fastest team to complete the route and tasks, and reaches the Stage wins!

On-site registration opens at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. Simply hang around the party and wait for the MC’s announcement before you rush up the Stage to take part in this race. It’s open to three 3-men teams only, with fantastic prizes to boot, so watch out for this!
Pssst… the winning team of the 3pm time slot gets to join our VIP in the birthday cake cutting celebration too!
Maple 3 Race Rules and Regulations
So you have l33t skills in MapleStory, but is your mind just as razor sharp? Find out in this wacky game where you have to locate all 3 of the same monsters based on your memory!
Maple Turns 3 Rules and Regulations

If in-game monster slaying is your forte, then this is something you should not miss. Gather your team mates for the ultimate showdown in Monster Carnival and show the world the true meaning of pwnage.

To find out more, please log on to here.
Only registered IGNs are allowed in this game, so group a team of 4 and register now!

Closing date: 26 June 2008, 6pm
Monster Carnival Showdown Rules & Restrictions
Verify your AsiaSoft Passport and stand a chance to bring home these wonderful prizes! It’s that simple!
Lucky 3 Draw Terms & Conditions

Passport to Fun Terms & Conditions
1. All participants are to bring identification documents for verification purposes.
2. Only participants’ identification document is accepted.
3. Usage of other’s AsiaSoft Passport account; friends/relatives etc will not be accepted.
4. Only participants who have been verified are eligible for one Flash game and free gift.
5. Queues and crowds are expected during the event.

Fr33 Market Redemption Terms & Conditions
1. Each Golden Ticket holder is allowed to exchange three items per entry.
2. Redemption for MapleStory premiums is made with used MapleStory A-Cash prepaid cards.
3. There is no limit of re-entries into the Free Market.
4. Queue and crowds are expected during the event.
5. First come first served basic, while stocks last.

Maple 3 Race
Rules & Regulations
1. Each team to consist of 3 members.
2. All teams are not allowed to seek assistance by getting external help to join them in the race. If caught, they will be promptly disqualified on the spot.
3. Teams are expected to observe the rules of the race at all times or be subjected to penalties and/or face total disqualification from the race.
4. All contestants are expected to be honest at all times during the race, failing which will subject the entire team to disqualification from the event.
5. You will be disqualified if your team:

  – Gives up in this race.
  – Sabotagesother teams.
  – Engages in misconduct
Terms & Conditions
1. Each team is responsible for their own well-being and personal belongings.
2. This is an external event, thus act appropriately at all times.
3. The Management’s decision is final.
4. The Management is not responsible in any case(s) of accidents, death or and/or injuries sustained.

Maple Turns 3
How to play
1. One PPC per try. Participants are required to exchange their used A-Cash prepaid card(s) to take part in the game.
2. Find three of the same monsters in one try to win the grand prize.
Terms & Conditions
1. Queues and crowds are expected during the event.
2. The Management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the game without any prior notice.
3. The Management’s decision is final.

Monster Carnival Showdown
Rules & Regulations
1. Only Maplers who are between levels 30 to 50 will be able to participate in this game.
2. Players can only choose to represent one world only using only one IGN.
3. Players need to register their IGN prior to the event date. Only registered IGNs are allowed for this game.
4. All members of the team must be available on the day itself for the event. Otherwise, it will be a walk-over for opposing team.
5. Replacement of member(s) cannot be done on the spot but the replacement can have the option to use the absentee’s account provided the absentee has given permission to the replacement to use his/her account to carry on in the competition.
6. In the event that the replacement is playing on behalf of absentee using the latter’s account, any loss of items (in-game or cash item) is borne by the replacement/team members.
7. Players will have to station their characters in Ludibrium town before the day of event.
8. Players are not allowed to start the game until the Game Marshals have checked that they have used the correct registered IGNs before starting the game.
9. In the event that your character levels to 51 during the competition, you will be void of your place in future rounds. You will not be allowed to find a substitute for your team. However, your team can choose to continue in the competition if they wish to. To avoid a situation like this, please make plans in order not to exceed the level restriction.
10. No taunting, vulgarities or defamatory words are to be used in-game or in real-life. Otherwise your whole team will be disqualified.
11. Game Marshal’s decision is final.
Terms & Conditions
1. All participants are required to bring along their personal identification documents for verification.
2. Only participants’ identification document is accepted.
3. Usage of other’s AsiaSoft Passport accounts; friends/relatives etc will not be accepted.
4. Queues and crowds are expected during the event.
5. Online registration closes on 26th June 2008, 6pm.
6. The top 2 teams from each world will proceed to compete for top spot in AsiaSoft Game Fest 2008 in August.
7. The Management reserves the right to disqualify any participants from the event if found in breach of any rules and/or regulation.
8. The Management will not be held responsible for any loss of property, injury and/or death sustained during the event.
9. The Management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the event without any prior notice.
10. The Management is not responsible for any network or service issues caused by hardware or software failure.

Lucky 3 Draw Terms & Conditions
1. This lucky draw will be conducted at 7.00pm. Lucky draw winners MUST be present to collect the prizes.
2. The Management reserves the right to make changes to event details without any prior notice.
3. The Management is not responsible for any loss of property, death and/or injury sustained during the event.
Sponors Official Broadband Sponsor
– MapleSEA Event Administrator



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