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NGPriest: Should be sleeping?

Ξ June 21st, 2008 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

I really should be sleeping, but i can’t sleep
The local time is 0351 GMT+10 o the 21st of June, 2008

If i continue like this, my dad said he’ll take my computers/laptops off me
Then i won’t be online anymore

Since Australia isn’t part of SEA, you prob won’t see me anymore?

MapleSEA, AuditionSEA, CabalSEA, O2Jam, etc, etc
After awhile, com will close down, around that, all these files will be deleted.

Every existence of me and my work will be wiped?
Isn’t the internet evil?

Maybe my name and/or work will be somewhere on the internet on a cached server

Imagine a ghost getting wiped out or something radioactive and it’s half-life?

Wonder what happens when we die?

Why do i even bother posting this? Is this a waste of my time and effort? Or is it me trying to pour my feelings and thoughts out?

Anyways, might be getting a job soon, can’t be bothered studying, you might not see me online as often?

My birthday coming up soon, wonder what’s going to happen?

Still trying to plan a BDay present for HisDindin90, but almost out of ideas already

Might sleep soon, just deleting my emails, anything with the ***SPAM*** infront of the email, i will delete, can’t be bothered to read the contents
If you did email me and i didn’t reply, your email prob contained something bad?

Well, i’m going to test out the new Azureus soon, don’t forget to visit my friend’s bloggies!

New stuff i did to this site?
Added a new section to the bottom of the blog, appears to be working fine
Added more dynamic stuff to
Added more tracking codes? I like to know more about my viewers, nothing to be scared about?

Anyways, seems like the new PQ’s aren’t really that nice
Being a 8x Priest doesn’t allow me to do the new PQ’s?

Level 10 Cape = Can’t get

TBD = Ariant Coliseum = 20-30 = Can’t get chair
CPQ = Monster Carnival PQ = 31-50 = Can’t get necklace

Seems like the only way to get this stuff is to start a new character?
If i do that, i might also make a new guild, i was going to make a new guild with NGPriestess, but never found the time to actually work on that character

Well, anyways, time for the full list?
ACPQ? = Ariant Coliseum
APQ = Amoria Party Quest
CPQ = Monster Carnival
GPQ = Sharenian Guild Quest
HTPQ = Horned Tail Quest
KPQ = Kerning City Party Quest
LPQ = Ludibrium Party Quest
OPQ = Orbis Party Quest
Papulatus Quest
PPQ = Herb Town Party Quest
WPQ = El Nath Party Quest
ZPQ = Zakum Quest

Finished typing at 0408 GMT+10 on the 21st of June, 2008 (Did you expect me to finish typing tomorrow?)



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