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Imagine having two Umno men at the top of the judicial hierarchy, one as AG and the other as CJ. You will be able to literally get away with murder (as if they are not already getting away with it).


Raja Petra Kamarudin

One of the more successful international trading companies is 3M. It is one of 30 companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and is also a component of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. 3M’s sales for 2007 touched US$24.462 billion while its net income was US$4.096 billion.

3M used to be called Minnesota Mining and Minerals before its name was shortened to 3M. They did the same for IBM, LBJ, JFK, etc. Eventually, when all these people or companies became famous, people started referring to them by their initials and no longer by their full names. This is the ‘culture’ in USA, which itself is the initial for the United States of America. Now, of course, a simple US will suffice as everyone knows who you are referring to.

3M’s success is in its training program. It is said to have the best training module for its salesmen and it is also said there is nothing a 3M salesman can’t sell. For example, the salesmen are taught, to successfully close a sale, you must sell to the MAN. MAN here means: Means, Authority and Need. The person making that decision to buy must have the means (money or budget), authority (power to make that decision to buy) and need (they require the item you are trying to sell). If one of these three ingredients is missing then you will never be able to close the sale.

So, if you are a salesman and you want to successfully close that sale, go look for the MAN. Only the person who has the three ingredients of the MAN will make, or be able to make, that decision whether to buy from you or not.

I am not a salesman any longer but in my new line of work I also apply the 3M or MMM principle. My MMM principle is: Money Motivates Man (man as in humankind rather than gender description). Yes, money is the greatest motivator of man. Nevertheless, there are also other motivators; sex and power. However, once you have money, then these others can come easily and naturally.

Ever wondered why wealth, power and sex always seem to come together? In fact, you can exchange one for the other. If you have money you can buy power or if you have power you can make money. And sex can also be used as a ‘commodity’ to ‘sell’ for money and power — or, if you have money and/or power, you can buy sex easily (and sometimes get it for free if you are an important and powerful political leader).

Some people are puzzled as to why Shafee Abdullah would go to all that trouble to fix Anwar Ibrahim on sodomy charges. He is worth RM70 million, they argue, and certainly he does not need the money — whatever amount it may be that they have put aside for the special Black Ops against Anwar. And he has enough women in his life so sex can’t be the motivator as well. Okay, so we can rule out money and sex. But what about power? What if he is slated to be the next Attorney-General and whether he gets the job or not depends on how successfully he can neutralise Anwar and remove him as a threat to Umno?

Yes, power sometimes motivates man more than money or sex — especially when you already have surplus money and sex and you really don’t need any more in your life. And becoming the next AG is certainly a powerful enough post to motivate you and would work well when your other friend from Umno, the current President of the Court of Appeal, goes on to become the next Chief Justice.

Imagine having two Umno men at the top of the judicial hierarchy, one as AG and the other as CJ. You will be able to literally get away with murder (as if they are not already getting away with it). And just like how Britannia used to rule the waves, Umno just needs to wave and rule that your arse gets thrown into prison for the rest of your miserable life and you become history, like Britannia.

The Malays call this suruh kambing jaga sireh (asking the goat to look after the beetle leaves). The two kambing as head of the judiciary and the Attorney-General’s Chambers will ensure that no sireh will be safe.

MMM — money motivates man. And money can buy plenty of power and sex. Hey, who needs to worry about going to heaven after they have died when they already have heaven here on earth? No, that is not what Islam teaches. That is what Malays masquerading as Muslims practice.

Talking about Islam, read the following piece about swearing on the Quran. It seems Saiful will soon be swearing on the Quran that Anwar sodomised him. That is not Islam. That is Malay. The good Prophet never taught Muslims to swear on the Quran. It is a Malay invention just like how Malays invent many other things about Islam that are not true and totally false.

Finally, Anwar Ibrahim was charged today and was released on personal bond. That was certainly a surprise as I could have sworn (not on the Quran though) he would be denied bail. Anyway, it looks like Anwar will be able to celebrate his birthday this Sunday (10 August 200) at home after all instead of in the Sungai Buloh Prison. Let’s all swarm over to Anwar’s house this Sunday to wish him a happy birthday.

Oh, and one more thing, it appears like that very illusive elusive DNA that the police have unsuccessfully tried to get from Anwar may be no good after all. It seems DNA are no longer regarded as conclusive and, in Australia, 7,000 cases where convictions were secured through DNA are being reviewed.

Well, back to the drawing board I suppose. They will now have to rethink their strategy on how to secure a conviction against Anwar. The DNA route may not be on after all.

Saiful ‘wants justice to be carried out’
Bernama, 7 August 2008

KUALA LUMPUR – THE young man who accused Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of sexual assault said he was thankful that the opposition leader was to be charged for the alleged offence.

His lawyer, Mr Zamri Idrus, said that Mr Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan was grateful because Anwar would finally be brought to court.

‘My client has promised that he will give his full cooperation to ensure that justice will be carried out in court,’ said Mr Zamri.

Mr Saiful also asked for Malaysians to allow the legal process to run smoothly so the truth would prevail, he added. When asked if Mr Saiful would be present at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court today, Mr Zamri said his client would not be there for safety reasons.

‘Saiful does not need to come to court tomorrow and he only needs to come as a witness later,’ he said. ‘As promised by Saiful, he will swear on the Quran soon, but the date is still being decided on.’

On June 28, Mr Saiful, 23, made a police report accusing Mr Anwar, his former employer, of sodomising him on various occasions, the last being at a condominium unit in Damansara, two days before the report was made.

Courts should be ‘cautious’ with DNA evidence
The Age, 6 August 2008

Courts must be cautious about the use of DNA technology to make convictions after police admitted they dropped a murder charge because evidence had been contaminated, a civil libertarian says.

Victorian Council for Civil Liberties vice president Michael Pearce said his association had been urging caution about DNA evidence for some time.

“The problem with DNA is that if you get a match the evidence is so strong and compelling it almost guarantees conviction,” Mr Pearce said.

He said courts should also demand corroborating evidence to back up the DNA match.

“It’s encouraging in this case that police have dropped charges but they should have satisfied themselves in the first place about the strength of the evidence,” Mr Pearce said.

“Over the years we have been urging people to be cautious about using DNA.”

Murder charges were today withdrawn against Russell John Gesah who was last month charged with the 1984 murders of Margaret Tapp and her daughter Seana in Melbourne.

Police in Victoria are now re-examining every crime solved using DNA after admitting evidence used against Gesah was contaminated.

Deputy Commissioner Simon Overland said 7,000 cases were being reviewed.

The charges were withdrawn after it was discovered DNA evidence implicating Gesah was contaminated in a Victoria Police laboratory in 1999.

P44. Permatang Pauh: Interesting Data

Since 1982, Anwar Ibrahim was sole proprietor for the P44. Permatang Pauh parliament seat. In 1982 he stand on BN ticket against Zabidi Ali the PAS man. Anwar win with the majority 14,352. In 1986, again PAS man Mohamad Sabu yet Anwar win with reduced majority to 10,479 votes. 1990, Anwar Ibrahim vs Mahfuz Omar and he win with 16,150 votes and in following general election DAP fill their malay candidates, Abdul Rahman Manap. Anwar win with bigger majority 23,515 votes. Unfortunately 1995 election was last election for him.

After his down fall, his wife Dr.Wan Azizah took his place and stand on PKR ticket against BN candidate Dr.Ibrahim Saad. Dr.Wan Azizah win with majority 9,977 votes and in 2004 she win again but slimmer majority 590 votes against Pirdaus Ismail. Then comes the Tsunami, Mac 8 2008, she wins with bigger majority 13,338 against the same BN candidate Pirdaus Ismail.

As part of the Anwar Ibrahim political strategy, Dr.Wan Azizah relinquished her position as P44. Law Maker. In less than 60 days, Election Commission has to conduct the by-election. In one side Anwar Ibrahim and in other side the BN candidate. It will be interesting to do the analysis. P44 has 58,449 voters and the majority were malay voters with 40,563 or 69.4 percent, Chinese 14,320 or 24.5 percent, Indians 3,507 or 6 percent voters and the balance is 59 voters or 0.1 percent from various groups. Voters turn out for last general election was 47,288 (81.8 percent) and 110 votes spoilt which believed was a protest votes from BN members. Under the P44 there are three state seats N10.Seberang Jaya, N11. Permatang Pasir dan N12.Penanti. Out of this three only N10 was won by BN man with very slim majority 533 votes. The other two was won by PAS and PKR each. Later the N.12 Mahomad Fairus Khairuddin was appointed as Penang Deputy Chief Minister I.

Well the data shows so far, P44 belongs to Anwar Ibrahim but then this is the by-election and anything can happen. Although I do expect, he will win but no one shall take for granted. If you want to know who win and who lost then you have to wait for the day.



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