NGPriest: Level 90 Equips

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Hat – Lord Pirate’s Hat
Dark Galaxy – Cerebes, Lucida, Dark Klock, Red Kentaurus
Purple Galaxy – Cerebes, Lucida, Dark Klock, Ghost Pirate
Green Galaxy – Cerebes, Squid
Blue Galaxy – Cerebes, Bain, Dual Ghost Pirate
Red Oriental Fury Hat – Red Dragon Turtle, Red Wyvern
Green Oriental Fury Hat – ???
Blue Oriental Fury Hat – ???
Black Oriental Fury Hat – ???

Eye Accessory – None
Owl Mask

Face Accessory – None
Doggy Mouth

Earring – Maple Earring
Half Earrings – Klock, Lycanthrope, Blood Haf, Red Kentaurus
Metal Heart Earrings – Werewolf, Master Death Teddy, Dual Ghost Pirate
Gold Emerald Earrings – The Boss
Strawberry Earrings – Klock, Lycanthrope, Dual Birk, Black Kentaurus, Male Boss, Cold Shark, Nest Golem
Rose Earrings – Bain, Snowman, Bone Fish, Risell Squid, Shark, Thanatos

Cape – White Gaia Cape
Green Seraph Cape – Squid
Blue Seraph Cape – Tauromacis, Dark Rash, Gate Keeper
Red Seraph Cape – Master Death Teddy
White Seraph Cape – Hankie
Black Seraph Cape – Blood Haf, Bone Fish, Black Crow
Green Giles Cape – Haf, Thanatos
Purple Giles Cape – Blue Kentaurus
Red Giles Cape – ???
Blue Giles Cape – ???
Black Giles Cape – ???

Overall – Dark Enigmatic (M)
Green Oriental Fury Coat (M) – Soul Teddy, Rexton
Blue Oriental Fury Coat (M) – Master Soul Teddy, Mr. Anchor
Red Oriental Fury Coat (M) – Death Teddy, Capt. Latanica, Blue Wyvern, Papulatus
Black Oriental Fury Coat (M) – Risell Squid

Pendant – Spiegelmann’s Necklace
Horned Tail Necklace

Staff – Maple Widam Staff
Evil Wings – Slimy, Werewolf, Beatle, Jr. Balrog
Dark Ritual – Tae Roon, Cerebes, Blood Haf, Male Boss, Female Boss, Zakum3
Kage – Black Kentaurus, Zakum3

Wand – None
Angel Wings – Dark Drake, Tae Roon, Dual Beatle
Fire Wand – ???
Poison Wand – ???
Ice Wand – ???
Thunder Wand – ???
Phoenix Wand – Dual Birk
Magicodar – Blue Dragon Turtle, Capt. Latanica, Cold Shark, Gate Keeper, Papulatus, Female Boss, Zakum3

Shield – Maple Magician Shield

Glove – Dark Clarity
Blue Sage – Death Teddy, Dual Ghost Pirate
Green Sage – Spirit Viking
Red Sage – Gigantic Spirit Viking, Phantom Watch
Dark Sage – Eliza, Bain, Blue Dragon Turtle

Shoes – Dark Enigma Shoes
Green Neli Shoes – Ghost Pirate, Squid, Gigantic Spirit Viking
Red Neli Shoes – Dark Cornian, Duku
Blue Neli Shoes – Rexton
Dark Neli Shoes – ???

Ring – Moon stone ring 3 karat



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