NGPriest: Patch Notes for Version 0.63 Client

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Dear Maplers,
The following contents will be released in MapleSEA game client version 0.63.
Learn about the latest information that have been modified and added in this patch:
1. You can jump straight from the platform to the lower level by pressing [↓] & [jump] key at the same time. It may not available in certain areas due to the characteristic of the place.
For me, it’s Hold Down and Press Jump, but how far will you jump?
2. You can view the currently equipped items in hair shop, plastic surgery shop and skin shop.
I don’t have enough @cash to change it all the time
3. More functions available by using keyboard useful when selecting world, character, chatting with NPC and in Cash Shop.
Will let you know asap
4. Level display of Eqp. Item has changed.
Sorry, i gave up MapleGlobal and MapleJapan awhile ago, i will ask my contacts for more info
5. Some of Beginner’s skills are adjusted.
– Beginner: MP consumed by 3 snails has decreased.
– Beginner: MP consumed for HP recovery and MP delay have decreased.
– Beginner: MP consumed for Nimble Feet and delay have decreased.
I NEVER use those skills
6. Some of 1st job skills are adjusted.
– For all Warriors: When HP recovery increase skill level is higher than level 1, time that takes
for HP recovery has decreased.
– For all Thieves: Dark Sight delay has decreased.
I’m a Magician
7. Some of the 2nd job skills are adjusted.
– For all Bowman: Power knockback activated percentage has increased.
– For Crossbow man: Iron Arrow consume MP and damage are synchronized with skill
I’m a Cleric
8. Some of the 3rd job skills are adjusted.
– For all Bowman: Mortal Blow activated percentage has increased.
– Chief Bandit : Thieves consume MP has decreased. Chakra recovery has increased and
damage attacked while recovery has decreased.
I’m a Priest
9. Some of the 4th job skills are adjusted.
– For Dark Knight: Beholder’s Buff delay has decreased.
– For all Warriors: Monster Magnet gage has implemented. Number of Mobs to draw near will vary by the gage.
– For all Magicians: You can move while charging the gage of Big Bang.
– For Crossbow Master: You can move while charging the gage of Piercing.
– For all Thieves: Number of Mobs you can attack by Showdown has increased.
– For Paladin: Sanctuary delay has decreased.
– For Dark Knight: Berserk HP condition has increased.
– For Crossbow Master: Sniping delay has decreased.
This will be useful
10. Davy John PQ Mobs has weaken.
This is useful, but abit too late for the LEV100+
11. Finding Party function are added.
– Click ‘Find’ button in the party window (hot key ‘P’) and finding party UI will pop up.
– You can register yourself at finding party.
– You can invite users automatically who are registered in finding party.
– User whose level is either higher or lower than 30 from your own level will not be searched.
– Only those users who are in the same map as you’re will be subject to the finding partysearch.
LOL, how do i find a Hermit with a Max MU?
12. Party HP UI added.
– You can choose activate/deactivate Party UI by pressing HP display button.
– Only party member shown in the mini map will display their HP.
This will slightly be useful, if they don’t lag and die first?
13. Drop rate of some Mastery books have increased.
Anyone want to go Mastery Book hunting?
14. When you double click on the name or finish requirement of the quest registered in the quest alarm window, quest info window will pop up and show you the information.
I’ll upload some SS asap
15. Tool tip display in the shop signboard and post have changed.
Who uses this?
16. Guild union system is added.
– There must be more than 2 guilds to create Guild union.
– Maximum number of guild can join the Guild union is 5.
Please contact NGPriest if you want to join the guild alliance?
It’s only 1mil per guild to join in
You get an additional button, like /all /party /buddy /guild
You get a new one where you chat to ALL guilds
Please do NOT spam my chat
17. If you click NPC in available quest tab, you can find the location of the NPC in the world map.
– This is not available for NPC in those area that can’t be shown in the world map.
I know where all the NPC’sare

1. New scrolls are added. (10, 30, 60, 70, 100% each)
– Scroll for Pole-Arm for Accuracy
– Scroll for Spear for Accuracy
– Scroll for Two-Handed BW for Accuracy
– Scroll for Two-Handed Axe for Accuracy
– Scroll for Two-Handed Sword for Accuracy
– Scroll for One-Handed BW for Accuracy
– Scroll for One-Handed Axe for Accuracy
– Scroll for One-Handed Sword for Accuracy
– Scroll for Shield for STR
– Scroll for Overall for STR
– Scroll for Bottomwear for DEX
– Scroll for Topwear for LUK
– Scroll for Earring for HP
– Scroll for Earring for LUK
– Scroll for Helmet for DEX
Only useful one is Earring HP
1. More information can be found from the mini map.
– Buddy, party, guild, spouse will be shown in special icon.
– Location of the quest NPC will be shown.
Buddy, party, guild is okay
Spouse? wonder if she’ll play Maple with me?
2. Sleepywood, El Nath, Ludibrium world maps are added.
I have a copy of those somewhere, but i’ll see if i can get a copy of it?
3. Mini dungeons are added in Victroria Island.
– Henesys Pig Farm
– Mushroom Growing Cave
Anyone want to go with me?
4. Mini dungeons are added in Ossyria.
– Refuge of Drumming Bunny
Anyone want to go with me?

1. New quests are added in Victoria Island.
– How to Ward off Drowsiness: available at Mike, from level 23.
Mike, near the Henesys Dungeon Enterance?
2. New quests are added in Ossyria.
– Healthy Culture of Donation: available at Tigun the Advisor, from level 36.
– The Revolutionary Plan for Constructing Defensive Walls: available at Jr. Officer Medin, from level 40.
Omega Sector?
– Her Secret Craving for Seal Meat: available at Grandma Yeon, from level 43.
– Search for Sister: available at Jiyure, from level 48.
Anyone know where Jiyure is? I forgot (or haven’t heard of it)
– The Tree Cutter’s Test: available at Tree Cutter, from level 53.
KFT, right
3. Holloween quests are added. (Available from 8th October to 12th November 2008)
Come play with me!
4. Last quest of Master Monster 1st series ‘Goddess’s Pet’ added: Eliza’s Eternal Sleep
You’re SO DEAD Eliza!
5. Master Monster 2nd series added
6. Pirate preview quest added
Emm, what do you think?
7. Malaysia map quest added
I’ll do them all soon?

[Cash Shop]
1. Cash Items Added
– [Equip] Bonic Claw
– [Equip] Skull Staff
– [Equip] Skull Axe
– [Equip] Gothic Mini Hat
– [Equip] Gothic Headband
– [Equip] Gothic Overall
– [Equip] Gothic Boots
– [Pet] Jr. Reaper
– [Pet] Guitar
– [Pet] Caramel Beetle
– [Etc] Sweet Cafe : 1 day coupon
– [Etc] Sweet Cafe : 7 day coupon
– [Use] Flock of Witches
2. Cash Items Removed
– [Equip] MDAS Hat
– [Equip] MDAS Weapon
– [Equip] MDAS Shoes

GIMME @cash!

[Bugs Fixed]
1. Difficulty in performing “Kenta’s Advice” quest using Multi-Pet skill has been resolved.
I only have 1 pet
2. Pet Sun Wu Kong is able to respond to all the commands now!
Don’t have him
3. Yabber-Doo monster from Malaysia Map has been correct to drop the right Dark Raven equipment.
What do they mean by right?
4. Chlorotrap monster from Malaysia Map has been corrected to drop the right Deadly Fin equipment.
What do they mean by right?
5. Usage of the Magic Door Skill has been enabled in Malaysia Maps.
6. NPC descriptions have been added to NPCs in Malaysia Maps.
meh, don’t care, rarely go there
7. Various text errors corrected.

-MapleSEA Administrator



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