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Sometimes, it seems you have so much time
Sometimes, it seems like you’re just out of time

Sorry to Ming and all those in Kuching, i ran out of time to visit Kuching

Sorry himu for all those stuff i said in buddy/guild/alliance, also won’t make time to visit Kuching
I will make you a Jr the next time i am able to login

Sorry to com users, it core is taking longer than expected to recode compared to

Sigh, friends are nice to have, but sad to lose
Time from an OLD friend in an OLD guild: Never hold grudges, they won’t help you with your life?
Tip: Not enough sleep makes you look older than you really are?
Note to self: No wonder why everyone says i look mature?

Anyways, thanks to all the readers that read my blog
Very big thanks to those who left comments on my blog, letting me know they read my blog
Thanks to the spammers for leaving wacky messages, your IP is now banned?

What else is there?
Oh, NEVER drink Cola (which i did) or anything that contains caffeine, since it DOESN’T help you sleep?
But that advice never works on me, since vampires don’t sleep! F2 (Inside joke)

Anyways, since i have “kinda” quit Maple, i hope that my buddies still read the blog?
Banana, good luck with sailor moon, sorry for not replying your MSN, (Yes, Malaysia internet SUCKS!)
Pie, emm, meh? Train with me more!
WY, nice blog, everyone in Maple asked me if i know you or not? Because they thought i was you?
Lee, sorry, i kinda quit Maple, sorry, i didn’t have enough time to goto Singapore and visit you and your family
Himu and Pony, sorry about the stuff i said in Buddy/Guild/Alliance, i’ll bring your Jr’s back shortly (or else move into KrystaI’s guild)
Who else do we have?
Brian, sorry you got beat up on the forums, but you were the TS, weren’t you? Try changing the thread subject to ‘[CLOSED] (Insert topic name)’ next time?
Liyana, everyone thinks you’re crazy for deleting drucela?
Anyone else?
Mickey, Saphira and ALL the other NGElites Allied GM’s, thanks for helping NGElites through ALL the ups and downs, thank you for supporting my members whenever we needed the help (Yes, i heard of all the good things your guild has provided to mine and i hope we provided it back)
Emm, so yeah, i will remain on this blog, sometimes visit the forums and return to MapleSEA whenever there is a patch?

Thanks to all the remaining Jr’s in NGElites, i hope there is something to return home to?

Did i miss anyone?
Oh, babytoons members, thanks for showing how jerks on Maple act? LOL, they really are babies that were raised on TV?
Sorry to babytoons members, you can’t KS me if i don’t play Maple, can you?

I would like to say thanks to Heng and Janice for creating a new place for the old guild to live, may the memory of NGElites live on?
Hi to Amos and Ivy, tell me when you both get married, i WILL TRY to make it to Singapore for the wedding?
Caslin, hope you find the one for you?
Sigh, i forgot the name of the other Clerics/Priest in the guild?
Liya! I almost forgot, sorry to see you go so soon
Hagu, I miss you, wonder if Liyana misses you? Became my daughter on Maple after Liyana asked, but i don’t know what’s going on now?

Sorry to all the Chief Bandits in the guild, you guys provided some laughter
Thanks to Janice for providing some quiz/trivial questions
Thanks to David for making me laugh whenever i couldn’t wasn’t happy?
David, if you read my blog, leave a comment, PLEASE?! (Oh, sign, i forgot his IGN too F4)

I remember everyone’s name (or tried to)
Heng, Janice, please protect the guild

Wow, my longest typed post?
Anyways, this might be my last Maple-related message?

And the guys in my room are waking up, since they got school at 0700 GMT+8?

Maybe a lonely one for me on Maple
Everyone seems to be quitting? (or maybe it’s just me?)

Heng, you still owe KrystaI 14.5mil, she needs it for her bf’s hog
Also playing a F/P is more expensive compared to a Priest (and i quit)
So she needs the money ASAP, since someone hacked my Mesos and Equips?

MyMapleLife: ReCoding
MyMapleWorld: Online

Word Count: 751
Trying to get to sleep now
Leave a comment and i’ll type something about you

Oh, thanks to those maplers who visit me in Maple and say, “Are you NGPriest from [insert URL here]?” (and i usually insert their names if i’m in the middle of writing a post)
Note: I have 2-3 blogs

Anyways, i’m posting this after 812 words.



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