NGPriest: My Lonely Valentines

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To be honest, i couldn’t be bothered to see who sent me a valentines
Just stayed in my room and was playing GC with WY
Happy Valentines WY, but you’re still abit young for a gf

Tonight, i went out after dinner with my dad, sister and her friend
Bought the newspaper (will tell you more later)
And got some desert?

dsc00239 My sister and her friend’s desert?

dsc00237 dsc00238 MINE! Wished my gf was here?

Where’s the attachment button?!
I’ll add the attachments later

Okay, then the girls went to take pictures, my dad was reading the newspaper
Then i walked out and my dad asked me to read?

This is not a photo of a newborn with her older brother…
Alfie’s her father and he’s only 13

BRITAIN has plunged into a political storm about the loss of family values after revelations a 15-year-old gave birth to a girl fathered by her 13-year-old boyfriend.
Schoolboy Alfie Patten, who stands just 120cm tall and looks more like eight, admits he is unsure how he will be able to afford to raise the baby, because he does not get pocket money.
Alfie and girlfriend Chantelle Steadman became parents last Monday with the birth of 3.27kg Maisie Roxanne at Eastbourne Hospital in East Sussex after a five-hour labour.
Their story, revealed in The Sun newspaper, sparked a national outcry in Britain over the abandonment of children due to bad parenting.
“When i saw these pictures this morning, i just thought how worrying that in Britain today children are having children,” Opposition leader David Cameron said.

I will type the rest later, going to fix the core of my blog
Can’t upload images F4
Update: Fixed the bug, but i had to revert the files+database back to the previous version

Will test the server very shortly

GF hasn’t SMSed or MSNed or Email-ed or anything
Life is getting lonely and boring
Just doing some coding for one of my clients

AuditionSEA: Not playing
CabalSEA: Not playing
GetAmpedSEA: Not playing
GrandChaseSEA: Playing from time to time
MapleSEA: Quit
RappelzSEA: Rarely playing
RichmanSEA: Not playing
SuddenAttackSEA: Not playing

.wz decoding: In progress In progress In progress

Will upload some work later
Will also have to update that news article at the top



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