NGPriest: The unity of two constellations!

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Dear Maplers,

One starry night, Spiruna the stargazer was busy at work again, studying her maps and drawing charts of stars moving across the dark sky. She had been doing this continuously for seven nights in a row, until black eye-rings have appeared under her eyes. But she didn’t mind.

Indeed, she had no time for such things since she had a strange vision seven nights ago. And so feverish was she in deciphering it that she doesn’t even recognize the little girl living with her in the hut. She will shoo her out and say,

“I’m in the middle of a very important work here so please don’t bother me and leave this place. I can’t concentrate when a stranger is around.”

That was how engrossed she was.

But tonight, everything’s gonna change.

“Aha! I got it!!
Orion and Perseus finally meet! A merger of two magnificent constellations… it’s a good sign for Ossyria under these stars… a brighter, more prosperous future… in the merger of Delphinus and Eridanus!”

And thus, the destiny of Delphinus and Eridanus was predicted by Spiruna. Today, we celebrate Spiruna’s vision and welcome the merger of Delphinus and Eridanus to foster a healthier game environment by having a more balanced population in these 2 worlds.

FAQ Section

Since 10th February 2009, there have been concerns regarding the poll survey based on Delphinus and Eridanus world merge, including the possible changes in game service.

AsiaSoft would like to thank all Maplers for their valuable feedbacks and would like to provide a response to some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: What is your reason for doing this world merge?
Answer: This is to balance the population to enhance the gameplay as the issue on low population has affected majority of the Eridanus players.

Question: What will happen to my character?
Answer: Characters are retained. The current world selection page will still show Delphinus and Eridanus in the world selection page. If you choose Delphinus, only your existing Delphinus world characters will be displayed. This applies vice versa for Eridanus world.

Question: What will happen to my items?
Answer: Please rest assured that items will not be removed.

Question: Are my Cash items transferable after the world merge?
Answer: No, Cash items can only be shared between characters in the same world under the same Maple account.

Question: Will there be any changes in the guild system?
Answer: No, but if the guilds share the same names in both worlds, they will be re-named and given a temporary name. For example, if guild “MSEA” is found in both Delphinus and Eridanus worlds, it will be renamed to MSEA_D and MSEA_E.

Question: If my guild name in Eridanus shares the same guild name in Delphinus, how can I re-name it?
Answer: Please advise the guild leader to send an email to [email protected] with the subject title: “Changing of guild name“. In the email, do include the following information:
1. Guild name
2. Guild leader IGN
3. New Guild name

Please note that the name change request can only be performed once and it cannot be revised or change once the process is completed. The guild names will be changed during the weekly regular server checks.

Question: What will happen to my rank position?
Answer: The ranking lists for both worlds will be merged into one. Currently, the ranking system is still undergoing a revamp to introduce the new ranking list for Delphinus and Eridanus.

Question: How can I remain training in popular monster fields if the map is flooded with Maplers from the other world?
Answer: In order to increase more training grounds while easing the problem of kill-stealing, MapleSEA has been implementing mini dungeons of various level ranges since version 0.63. We will continue to add more dungeons in the future. At the same time, we will shorten the spawn rate of some mini-bosses so that everyone can have a chance to defeat it.

Please check the latest news for any new updates.

– Nexon and MapleSEA administrator

Spiruna in A/B/C sure wasted her time, maybe she should do something different so that A/B/C don’t feel missed out?
Another thought, why not just merge A/B/C/D/E together? (That would be VERY funny?
For those wondering, if you have 3 characters on D and 3 characters on E
If you click on D, you see your 3 character and when you click on E, you see your 3 characters
If you can somehow login twice and log one in on D and the other on E, you would see yourself next to each other?
Unfortunately, only cash items can be shared between the 3 on D and the 3 on E
You CANNOT move a cash item from D to E and vice versa?
And this is highly the reason why they disabled the world change?

Anyways, can someone from D or E tell me if this has already come into Effect or not?
This MAY be the reason why we’ve got 2xEXP?



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