NGPriest: Insomnia

Ξ March 13th, 2009 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

The human body is quite special
You ever hear of people lifting cars or other feats?
For me, i’m almost awake 24/7, other than the times where i sleep for 1-2 hours at a time

But i’m only awake, because i’m waiting for my gf to go online
I think i am slowly killing myself
Yesterday, i only had 2 meals
1 meat pie at 7am and 1 drink around 11pm

You know how some people are totally commited in their relationships?
For me, my life is all for her
I stop caring for myself a long time ago

Maybe i’m thinking too much
I know people read this blog, but it’s mainly for the patch links
On those days, my viewings jump 2-3 times the normal daily visits

Yet, i wonder why i should continue
What is the meaning of life?

The greatest love is the one where you would die for those you love
I guess i have no reason to fear death?
There’s your answer for, Why is NGPriest so suicidal on Maple?

I guess i better start teaching someone, incase one day, i do leave
Just basic steps to work out the MD5
The .wz extrations are harder

I once told my friends, one day, if i die, there’s noone to carry my legacy
But that was during my few year depression, abit too young to start the family

And here i am, ranting on and on

So much in my mind, all be gone when i’m gone
My mind is a giant jigsaw puzzle, i just put bits and pieces in and ideas start to form shortly afterwards
Most of them is how to improve and, since those 2 sites are my current project

It’s now almost 6am and i’m wondering if i should sleep now or not?
Oh, i’m posting this via WLW
Firefox lags, since my gf’s blog is on the startup tab list and it LAGS each time i open firefox
I guess this is the faster way to blog? (without having to wait for firefox to load)

Each blog on this server (including MML and MMW) all have the ability to use the <!–more–> tag
It’s used to reduce the amount of data that needs to be downloaded, therefore, faster page loadup and more stuff for the view to read
You wouldn’t want to load LOTS of huge images that you weren’t going to view?

Also, all independent blogs (excluding MML and MMW) MAY contain 3rd party tracking software and WILL contain 2nd party tracking software to analyze the visitors on your blog
Server software can be found at http:// your domain .tld /cpanel
Google Analytics can be found at
Google Analytics can ONLY be used if NGPriest personally set up your theme and set up the google account with you

And yes, it’s true, i’ve been banning people from the server, due to people spamming my shoutbox or other sections of my blog

Moving on from eating, somewhere around the top
I was searching through the archive of images left on my camera when i found more
Due to someone on the forums mis-using my image, i’ll chop off the heads if i post any pictures of people?
Otherwise, i’ll just post people-less images?

DSC06860 DSC06861
DSC07438 DSC07533



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