WingzOfChaos: Sudden Attack hacker

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I am hacker

I am a hacker!


WingzOfChaos: NGPriest is a pervert and an Anti-nerd!

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By The Way,I am not a nerd!


NGPriest: WLM – Sell your body

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WingzOfChaos says (1:18 AM):
You know any One Piece pc games?
NGPriest says (1:18 AM):
WingzOfChaos says (1:18 AM):
I have no Wii
WingzOfChaos says (1:19 AM):
And I have no money to buy one
NGPriest says (1:19 AM):
Sell your body?
WingzOfChaos says (1:19 AM):
I am not a gigolo
NGPriest says (1:19 AM):
No, sell your fingers
Then your palm
Then your arm
Then your elbow
Then your upper arm
Maybe your kidney?
Or 1/2 your liver
WingzOfChaos says (1:19 AM):
NGPriest says (1:19 AM):
Brb, posting this to blog
WingzOfChaos says (1:20 AM):
NGPriest says (1:20 AM):
Too late
WingzOfChaos says (1:20 AM):
NGPriest says (1:20 AM):
So, WingzOfChaos is okay?
WingzOfChaos says (1:20 AM):



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