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NGPriest: Le Jardin De Fairytales

Ξ October 16th, 2009 | → 5 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

Well, that’s as much as I could read from her URL
But the site was, how shall we say, locked?

This blog is open to invited readers only


Anyways, it’s VERY easy to bypass these and I was asked by someone else to copy a section of the blog (No, it wasn’t serene from Singapore)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009
A Distorted View
relationships can be a real pain. especially one like mine. i know people have this perception that im all rounded, super studious, hardworking, super smiley and optimistic, but they failed to recognise that my life is imperfect, in fact, far from it.

i have my duties as a daughter with a really demanding pair of parents, a sister and well you could say that my relationships with my ex were a blast too. not such a good start for a first one.

never in my life i would think that ending a relationship could be this horrible. and when i look back at it, im glad i did what i have to. i needed more in that relationship. i needed a man. someone who’s supposed to life my burdens, not make me carry theirs. who the hell needs someone who does that when you’re already trying to balance the weight i’m trying to carry from my peers.

the idtheft-ing, pornos, stalking, depression, harassing and threats i have recieved was more than i could take. but what i dont understand is why a boy(note: not MAN) needs to publicly expose our relationship in public. some people just dont know what is meant shared among TWO individuals.

take a look. if you guys wanna read the full post, copy the link u see in the image kk? too lazy to post boring, unimportant matters here.

sounds sweet. but its over.getoverit.it was fun while it lasted. ok, not so fun.. =.=
i like this one, read it!! so funny 🙂 to be called a noob for posting something useless and irrelevant on the site lol
and i just saw this on the blog today.
weird for a person to post this up if they don’t really care, right?

anyway, im over us, and maybe i am looking for someone new, maybe not. since us, i’ve increased the standards for all males around ;P
i know i may be super friendly to people and smiley and all, but it doesn’t mean im all that easy to get. try the opposite. easy-to-get as friends. hard as hell to obtain.



**this post is so ruining my blogsphere Posted by Dingirl at 7:30 PM

Sorry if this doesn’t look like the original post
NGPriest.com is run on afew .css documents and we don’t plan to add anymore
(3 the last time i counted) as well as hundreds of individual files (which take almost forever to find)

Anyways, this is one of the posts i was requested to extract (passwords can’t stop me?)

I’ll get the 2nd one tomorrow, i think?

BTW, those above images SHOULD be copied onto the NGPriest.com server by the time i hit the Publish button!

By that time, these images should be hard for the owner to track (unless she continues to visit my blog (which she actually does on a daily basis))
(Unless serene hacked her system and is visiting my blog (since i blocked serene from accessing any of the NGPriest.com network)

Last note before i goto sleep (since i haven’t slept since yesterday), the post date is set as 1st Sep 2009, which was 48 days ago. She confirmed awhile ago that she knew the hacker was Serene, which she discovered somewhere between the past 48 days and the last time we talked, which was [insert date here]

PS: I edited all the HTML off her blog, since most of the coding is space wasters (and i’m trying to keep NGPriest.com running/loading as fast as possible)

idtheft-ing = Wasn’t me
pornos = 1st was serene, 2nd was a girl from your college
stalking = What’s this about?
depression = Welcome to today’s teenagers, they seem to get depressed
harassing = What’s this about?
threats = You never told me about this?

And thanks to WLW for editing my entire post, which capitalises each sentence, fixes up all the spelling errors (including all those in the <blockquote>) (But no grammar checker…)
And i should get someone to update this WLW, since there’s a newer version (and i’m stuck with this old version)



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5 Comments so far

  1. piggiek on October 19, 200908:46 am

    emm..may i know
    how you bypass the blogspot?!!!

  2. MegaV1 on October 19, 200911:06 am

    Whenever a blog posts something, it's usually sent to ping servers, which NGPriest.com has a HUGE list of servers to ping
    So, you login to any random ping servers and see if you can dig up the post

    If you goto the right ping server, you can normally pull up the entire post

  3. NGPriest on November 13, 200902:01 am

    Testing the comments.

  4. Wilson John on April 27, 201021:51 pm

    can you help me bypass this blogspot?

  5. James Smith on January 20, 201708:12 am

    please help me bypass this blog?

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