NGPriest: Cash Shop Update On 21/10

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Ginger Man Nametag Ring
Character’s name will appear in white on the cookie under the avatar.
5000@Cash/90 Days Unknown
Ginger Man Bubble Ring
Chat bubble with ginger man will pop during chatting.
5000@Cash/90 Days Unknown
Soft Plush Dolphin
Can be equipped with all weapons.
6500@Cash/90 Days v81 Patch
Neon Sign Amulet
Neon Sign Amulet
4500@Cash/90 Days v78 Patch
Color-striped Beanie

4500@Cash/90 Days v81 Patch
Rainbow Tie-Dye Shirt 3000@Cash/90 Days v81 Patch
Crayon Pants 3500@Cash/90 Days v81 Patch
Kawaii Kitty Shoes 4800@Cash/90 Days v81 Patch
Star Tail 6800@Cash/90 Days v81 Patch
Fairy of Flowers.
A special effect that shows a cute fairy sprinkling flowers. On the Key Config, configure this on a button of your choice to turn the effect on/off.
4000@Cash/90 Days Unknown
Giant Toad Wallet from Pawn Shop The wallet that the giant toad, the owner of Ninja Castle, took great care of. Holding onto this item will give you a street cred from Asia, and will allow you to enter Tokyo. Giant Toad Wallet from Pawn Shop (Discount ends; price will be reverted to 3,000 Maple Cash 2000@Cash/90 Days v81 Patch



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