Haven’t heard from them in awhile
Quite alot of rumours coming in for awhile, but noone can confirmed if their GM is dead or etc

But then again, my own research team has found a picture taken using a Sony Ericsson W850i taken on the20/09/2008 at 6:15pm (but i wasn’t able to obtain GPS data)

Anyways, here’s the picture?

DSC02135 1_422045600l

I would assume cleverguy25 is the person on the left, since they do look abit like a girl? Then by comparing both images, you can assume the avatar on the right does wear glasses? (unless cleverger25 is a lesbian)

So, if anyone from babytoons still reads this blog, feel free to

  • Leave a comment on this post
  • Email me at [email protected]
  • Sms me +61 *** *** *** <– Don’t ring, phone is switched off

Don’t try these

  • Ring me at +61 *** *** *** – Phone is off, KrystaI has my phone charger
  • Use/flood my shoutbox, i rarely read it
  • Attempting to /find me on Maple, i use various characters
  • Attempt to flood any other NG related site including or or (i rarely check those)
  • Any forms of attempting to flood or
  • Any forms of DDOS-ing may result in a ban from the NG servers

Okays, i guess that’s enough for now, time for WingzOfChaos’s comments!

[Insert WoC’s comments here]

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