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It is first time that our company organize some activity(visiting some places). Seldom the company I work in have some events for the staff such as friendly sport match. We do have some activities like trip to Redang, watch movies(our company book a room in cinema) and visiting some places as well but those activities are only for staff from HQ.

I work in outlet(branch), so the only activity(only for staff) they will have will be friendly match in sports most likely football.

This is the first time that I heard our company will visit GAB and staff of outlet are allowed to participate, however there are limit which means only a few workers from each outlet are allowed to go. Since I never been to GAB before, why not I go and take a look?
Info* GAB = Guinness Anchor Berhad(Factory of beer)

Four persons represent the outlet I work in. F&B Manager, F&B Executive, Chef Executive and me(Slot machine room executive).

The moment we reached the gate of GAB, we asked for the coupons given by GAB. Seems like GAB are off limit to outsiders. After hand the coupons to the security guards, they check us if we got temperature(H1N1 check?). Not to forget that those security guards wearing face mask.

The moment we are inside, we are instructed to go Tavern Bar. Awww, that spoils my impression. I thought that the boss organize excursion to the beer factory… but instead we are going there to drink beers? Yes, exactly. We go there just to try their beers.

Tiger Beer? Anchor Beer? Kilkenny? Heineken?

Inside there I saw my friend Karvin, I am not informed that he work in GAB.

Okay, here is the photos of GAB. Photos of security check if we got H1N1? I forgot to snap that photo.

Before I go in Tavern Bar, I have to go through the Guardian Angel of GAB.

Free Image Hosting at

This is how Tavern Bar front looks like. Usually a place for GAB staff to hangout on friday(happy hour?)

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

This is inside on the day I visit.

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