NGPriest: v85 and v86 Patches

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Let’s start off with, Keith Luy Yan Hung, STFU!

Next, the MD5 for v83
c1181dcacb9293d3cde4354f567d9d4e  MapleStory.exe
bdc64ebeef1089c89447e9e6979fd497  Base.wz
3f8740fe2c32d295b2e7fb3d0a0c4336  Character.wz
f489faeac8f2c8100498354610e89584  Effect.wz
879b0d698bd55c15fe801eceb215af64  Etc.wz
4b11ddf1884f4aad7c9e60231d22f876  Item.wz
c6baa9bdc544eaf9ad059c68d8c2f736  List.wz
48de383b4b83763432a79698c82e17e5  Map.wz
4b4cc19bc529f3a78c1bb6b50b6bf7ad  Mob.wz
eb797d25f557de3d4a9b09e7f01dfc30  MobCN.wz
10e3b1afdfc07f1afcca730c94709391  Morph.wz
7941b53ea2c3ddb855b4bc6629ada151  Npc.wz
372c07722747b058126eab59207a98f9  Quest.wz
2a5544226072e487011215b21fe1d0a9  Reactor.wz
0d80084b9ebbacf48930c12aa2093fbb  Skill.wz
630acd8012efa70dec5d526674f98f87  Sound.wz
5931d4baf61292dfd48d17bda4beccb5  String.wz
eb797d25f557de3d4a9b09e7f01dfc30  StringCN.wz
507b1917ad0a80a4aa4564389aec2d26  TamingMob.wz
62014333bd02fc5883e44eb9185aaa1d  UI.wz
eb797d25f557de3d4a9b09e7f01dfc30  UICN.wz

After you have confirmed these, download one of these patchers
Name: NGPriest 00083to00085.exe
Type of file: Application (.exe)
Size: 147 MB (154,922,726 bytes)
MD5: 67badc1e440dc32015cbb4ae5b7af90a

That should patch your files to v85

MD5 for v85
93fd1ff2fb0b476640d3724b5202cbc2  MapleStory.exe
23b1c20908e487dc3db21da9ad6c7fe3  Base.wz
29805f5588fe0f38283b0e2005a5ef22  Character.wz
45d84ce5616c59481001f633c4cda8cc  Effect.wz
643cfd1594a0d1d36e72634d714c89d9  Etc.wz
feae9eedd8a099c160e086e3b77f7682  Item.wz
c6baa9bdc544eaf9ad059c68d8c2f736  List.wz
6dd0d2762225d0af8b5364d98e2fa4e4  Map.wz
ee5350442628efd01a3cac3fa4c67631  Mob.wz
b490414ac233a01187e677a138adb4ff  MobCN.wz
8e67402179b58f9c477ebeb2aec79dc8  Morph.wz
02b9f5ea8bf1a6997b62553e70b9d8ba  Npc.wz
fc24110e77614e810556a29f56167dbb  Quest.wz
f312959ff705ce4513bf8e9daecd25a5  Reactor.wz
9827b9cd5e543492dea0614c6da63d7f  Skill.wz
78c9ed2eaed646f412121252dde564c7  Sound.wz
3d0cc18e1b2e8bfcee4031411de6471b  String.wz
b490414ac233a01187e677a138adb4ff  StringCN.wz
4c4dad6f2502b93ac151018961e8078b  TamingMob.wz
b1d1d021c60530538ea1f313db3de418  UI.wz
b490414ac233a01187e677a138adb4ff  UICN.wz

After you have confirmed these, download one of these patchers
Name: NGPriest 00085to00086.exe
Type of file: Application (.exe)
Size: 6.76 MB (7,098,006 bytes)
MD5: 88eb530408455ab1e930bdbca8bf3f4c

And you should end up with these:

v86 MD5
1f31fc701103f979eee54f834abe8fda  MapleStory.exe
1eb2cef130cd037ee10349ee2ba7536b  Base.wz
676c9626c914a92d1959d07f111d7cb8  Character.wz
2d5f53b493bf0e628c73a51f3d10a653  Effect.wz
bd35261994c878b64c426a144ce56cdc  Etc.wz
339d93447f6dea7587d270b399995a87  Item.wz
c6baa9bdc544eaf9ad059c68d8c2f736  List.wz
be999e3dce4f1174e7bb752e3dfd445c  Map.wz
a5fc91dff9d15da5b983cfc5d2018994  Mob.wz
8949dc01165ecee79647d8e3e514a955  MobCN.wz
506c207e609473425153df7a25660377  Morph.wz
a8268be4b867fb23a8e8928ddca58e0f  Npc.wz
056a17f5e73590b46798a8c9ab8a89aa  Quest.wz
54dc5bf494fd734e4638bad5329a760f  Reactor.wz
0b45315cc17577fcf90c592e83c09257  Skill.wz
38d30a3a38e5e117ee078c2b3d0fc2a0  Sound.wz
04d468b6772dc1592e585bbf5cc9f79b  String.wz
8949dc01165ecee79647d8e3e514a955  StringCN.wz
ac8a956cc0c2f5445c1cea8354e97592  TamingMob.wz
36dec49a865e2d842ecabeaf69c5ca17  UI.wz
8949dc01165ecee79647d8e3e514a955  UICN.wz


1. Patcher gets stuck on Base.wz

  • Try unlocking Base.wz (used by MapleStory.exe)
  • MapleStory.exe is still running (as a process (Kill it))
  • And if those 2 don’t work, restart your system

2. Maple is acting funny

  • You didn’t patch correctly
  • Email [email protected] for more assistance
  • Please MD5 MapleStory.exe and *.wz so i can identify what went wrong

Thanks for reading!



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