ChambyT: JUMP PATCH NOTES [simplified]

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JUMP PATCH NOTES [simplified]


Soul Master Skill Revamp

Power Strike: Damage %  increased.
Slash Blast: Damage % increased.
Soul Blade: Maximum number of enemies it can hit – 5. Attack range  increased.
Self-Recovery: “MP Recovery Rate Enhancement” skill has been changed to “Self-Recovery”.
•The effects of Self-Recovery are applied even during battle.

Panic: Cooldown applied, but maximum enemy targets and damage increased. 
•Only 2 Combo Counts are used upon usage. 
Panic’s Darkness effect also applies to boss monsters.
•Attack range increased.

Coma: Damage  increased and only 1 Combo Count is used upon usage.
•Coma’s Knock Down effect does not wear off during its duration.
•Attack range increased.

Brandish: Starting Skill Lv. 1, it can hit up to 3 enemies.

Flame Wizard Skill Revamp

Magic Claw(1st Job Advancement) : Max targeted number increased.
Fire Pillar(2nd Job Advancement) : damage and range  increased.
Element Amplification : MP consumption reduced
-Fire Strike (3rd Job Advancement) : Changed to 3 consecutive hit skill, damage and max effective range  increased
Elemental Resistance(3rd Job Advancement) : removed.
Magic Critical (3rd) : New Skill that permanently increases the Critical rate and Critical minimum damage.

Wind Breaker Skill Revamp

Archer Mastery (1st Job Advancement): New skill that increases attack range, movement speed, Accuracy, Avoidability, and increases the maximum movement speed limit.
Double Jump (2nd Job Advancement): New skill that allows the character to jump forward twice consecutively.
Storm Spike (2nd Job Advancement): New skill that fires a piercing arrow to the front.
Concentrate (3rd Job Advancement): New skill that increases Attack Power and decreases MP consumption amount for a set time.
Dodge (3rd Job Advancement): New skill that permanently increases Avoidability and turns all attacks used within 1 second after dodging into critical attacks.
Double Shot (1st Job Advancement): Damage  increased.
Strafe (2nd Job Advancement): changed into a 2nd Job Advancement skill. Master level -20.
Wind Walk (2nd Job Advancement): Master level – 10.
Puppet (3rd Job Advancement): Master level -15. When the Puppet is summoned, monsters now always attack the puppet first.
Arrow Rain (3rd Job Advancement): Attack speed and hit range  increased. Has been changed into a 3-hit attack skill.
Focus (1st Job Advancement):  removed.
Storm Break (2nd Job Advancement):  removed.


New Party Quests

1. The Ice Knight’s Curse: ( Recommended Level : Level 30-69 )
2. Kenta in Danger: ( Recommended Level : Level 120 onward )
3. Escape: Lv. ( Recommended Level : Level 120 onward )

Recommended Level System

Level requirement for the existing 9 Party Quests have been modified.

•Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake: (Recommended Level : Level 20-69 )
•First Time Together: (Recommended Level : Level 20-69 )
•Dimensional Crack: (Recommended Level : Level 20-69 )
•Forest of Poison Haze: ( Recommended Level : Level 70-119 )
•Remnant of the Goddess: ( Recommended Level : Level 70-119 )
•Romeo and Juliet: ( Recommended Level : Level 70-119 )
•Lord Pirate: ( Recommended Level : Level 70-119 )
•Resurrection of the Hoblin King: ( Recommended Level : Level 120 onward )
•Dragon Rider: ( Recommended Level : Level 120 onward )

Daily 20% Exp Bonus


*A party quest will be randomly chosen and recommended daily, Maplers will be awarded with additional of 20%EXP when they have completed the recommended party quest.

NEW Exchange Reward for Dragon Rider Party Quest


Boss mob “Dragon Rider” will now drop a new token call “Sky Scale”. Upon receiving the “Sky Scale”, head to NPC Matada at Crimson Sky Dock to exchange for a tablet.


image image

“Sky High” quest will now be available from NPC Maple Administrator.

1. Visit NPC Instructor Irvin at each continent airport and be rewarded with a Wooden Airplane 3-day Coupon.

By using this Airplane mount skill, it will shorten time taken to travel between each continents and not required to wait for the default airship to depart.


You can also purchase an Airplane Mount from NPC Instructor Irvin.



Monsters on maps that haven’t been killed for a set amount of time will have a chance (which means not 100%) to evolve into a Treasure Monster. When an treasure monster is been killed, it will drop fantastic rewards.^



8th February to 6th March 2012Explorer: Warrior/Magician/Bowman and Knight of Cygnus:Soul Warrior/Flame Wizard/Wind Breaker will receive a FREE SP Reset Scroll upon their login.

6—EXPLORER’S JOB REWARD EVENT ( 8th February to 6th March 2012)

imageimageimageimage imageimageimage

Upon reaching the first job advancement, a new “Gift Box” and “Star” quests will be received. Double click the “Gift Box” and “Star” quests, 6 set of equipment boxes and a unique class ring will be awarded according to the character’s class. Maplers must reach the requirement level in order to utilize the boxes.

image image image


Warrior,Magician & Bowman will receive 6 set of equipments and a unique ring!
Theif & Pirate Class will only receive 3 set of equipments.

-Theif & Pirate Class will only receive 3 set of equipments.

Elite Explorer Blessing Event (8th February to 6th March 2012)


After completing each job advancement starting from 2nd Job advancement, Maplers will be rewarded with a job-specific weapon scroll and a 1.5x EXP buff item. A 100% Mastery books specific to the character’s job will also be issued to 3rd Job Explorer Warriors, Magicians and bowmen.


Theif & Pirate Class will NOT receive any of the following.

Explorer’s Gratias Ring ( 8th February to 6th March 2012)


Any newly created explorer character that reaches level 70 within event period will receive a “Explorer’s Gratias Ring”.

7— VALENTINE’S DAY EVENT (8th February to 21th February 2012)

Ace of Hearts can be located at Ludibrium

1. Gather all ingredients as required by Ace of Heart to make a Heart Chocolate.

(Heart Chocolate= Safety Charm)

Safety Charm= won’t lose any EXP when dying in the middle of the battle.

Heart Chocolate will be used up when you die or goes bad in 3 days.

  1. Minimum level requirement for this event is level 8.
  2. Quest is repeatable every 1 hour.

Enhance Heart Chocolate into a Chocolate Basket that will extend it’s magical powers for another 5 days! You only able to enhance Heart Chocolate into a Chocolate Basket ONCE.


8—RAINBOW EVENT (13th February to 26th February 2012)

1. Monday: Bonus EXP when hunting a monster of your choice
2. Tuesday: 10% bonus EXP from participating in any Monster Survial event
3. Wednesday: Collect Yellow Butterflies to trade in 10% and 60% scroll for 15% and 65% scrolls up to three times
4. Thursday: 10% bonus EXP from winning at Monster Carnival or Sea of Fog
5. Friday: Find the gold at the end of the rainbow as we open Gold Richie’s Treasure Vault!
6. Saturday: 10% bonus EXP when you participate in a party quest*
7. Sunday: 10% bonus EXP when you defeat a boss monster*

Lists of included Party Quests and Boss Monsters


9—EVOLVING BELT EVENT (22th February to 6th March 2012)


1. Receive the “Evolving Belt” quest from NPC Gold Richie at Event Map .


2. Accept “The Latest Tech” quest and receive the “Marble That Evolves Into A Belt After 30 Minutes.”


3. Hold on to it for 30 minutes without OFFLINE to receive a Level 1 Evolving Belt.
4. Go back to Gold Richie to receive your next quest, “Dr. Kim’s Advice”.
5. Hold on to the “Mysterious Marble”  for at least 1 hour to receive an “Evolving Belt Upgrade Capsule”.
6. Upgrade the Evolving Belt to the next level with the Evolving Belt Upgrade Capsule.

9—Random Beauty Coupon Event (22th February to 22th March 2012)


When using the Special Beauty Coupon, Skin, Eyes and hair will be randomized. Most of the Monsters do drop the Special Beauty Coupon.

10—Mardi Gras Celebration (1st March to 31th March 2012)


1. Hunt“Mardi Gras Bead Necklace”  from all monsters.

2. Approach NPC GAGA to exchange for a Mardi Gras Mask reward.

11— Changelogs

    1. Elin Forest, Neo Tokoyo, Von Leon Castle, Fortress of the Knights has changed to normal maps.  Party Play Bonus EXP system has been removed for Von Leon Castle & Fortress of the Knights.
    2. Quest notifications that appeared above the character’s head have been moved to the left side of the screen.
    3. System Event Calendar has been added.
    4. Mini map increase to max size automatically in certain maps.
    5. Party matching system has been revamped.
    6. Party search function has been added.
    7. Party EXP distribution has been modified.
    8. Dimensional Mirror’s appearance has been changed.
    9. Please be informed that starting from 8th February 2012, Pam’s Song will not be activated with equipments that were used with the following cash items.
      • Vega’s Spell 10% and 60%
      • Shielding Ward
  1. System photo taking session for Sweety Wedding Ticket and Premium Wedding Ticket will be removed. However, players are still able to capture their wedding photos through the in-game screenshot function.

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