Team: New DLC Available – Ragnarok – Winter Wonderbox

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New DLC Available – Ragnarok – Winter Wonderbox

Ragnarok – Holiday Package, all new content for Ragnarok Online is Now Available on Steam!

Just in time for the Winter weather, you can bundle up with these items designed to help you survive the season in style!

To redeem this item after purchase, visit the Code the Redeemer NPC in the second floor of the Eden Group to receive the box.

When opened, you will receive the following:

1x Pecopeco hairband-this item allows you to move a little faster ingame.
1x Alora’s Costume Box-Take this box with you and speak to the NPC Alora in the second floor of the Eden Group and she will let you choose a costume headgear.

1x Robo Eye- This gives bonuses to your attack and magic attack, as well as boosting your DEX.

1x Drooping Kitty-Has protection from Curse status and gives a boost to Magic Defense.

1x [Costume]Blue Christmas cheer-this festive holiday hat can be worn over your equipped headgear.

10x Adrenaline 5 Box-when consumed, gives one use of the Adrenaline Rush skill which boosts attack speed of axe and mace class weapons in the entire party for 150 seconds

Insurance Package-when consumed removes the exp penalty on death for 30 minutes or one death, whichever comes first. Each Box contains 10 certificates.

Token of Siegfried Box-when consumed, it allows a player to instantly resurrect themseles after falling in battle. Each Box contains 10 tokens.

30x Level 10 Spear Mercenary Scroll- when used summons a melee warrior who will fight by your side for 30 minutes.

15x Poring Transformation Scroll-when consumed transforms a player into the iconic Poring monster. They will be able to attack and cast spells while transformed.

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