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MY Independence Day Event

This event is available from 20/8/2014 to 2/9/2014.

Again, this event works the same way as SG National Day Event.

maplestory 2014-08-20 17-44-17-556

(Commemoration of Independence Day!)


1. Talk to NPC Kok Hua to enter the Malaysia Map.

2. KIll MY Boss Slime. MY Boss slime
3. You need to get 50 Malaysia Celebration Box and open them.maplestory 2014-08-20 18-47-55-966

4. After opening all 50 boxes, you will get 2x (1.5x EXP coupon)maplestory 2014-08-20 18-51-53-474


If you find the boss slimes are really hard to kill, please read this 🙂

MY national day map


Go to this location and press the UP arrow key.

You will be teleport to another map that looks exactly the same but the mob level is reduced to level 15.

To speed up the hunting process, you can activate any drop rate buff. It works. 😉

1.2x drop rateThis 30 minutes 1.2x drop rate buff works for me. You can get 50 boxes in about 30-45 minutes.

(Protect Malaysia!)

1. KIll mobs around your level range to get 100 “Malaysia Guardian Piece” image

2. Exchange the pieces with NPC Shalon in Event map.

3. You will get a “Malaysia Guardian Box” imagewhich will give you a piece of the Guardian Glove. You need to collect all 4 pieces to get a complete glove.

(Enjoy Independence Day!)

1. Kill the Maple Firecracker mobimage to receive “Malaysia National Day Fireworks” image

2.  You need 20 of them.

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