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ChambyT: The Boss Hunting Week

Ξ October 17th, 2014 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: ChambyT |

The Boss Hunting Week

This event is available from 15/10/2014 to 11/11/2014.

boss hunting week list

Summary: Basically you have to accept quest(s) from Maple Admin daily and kill bosses to complete the quest.

(NOTE: Some boss contents require you to do pre-quests.)


Main Rewards:

expedition master medal skull ring of the knight lord skull badge master cube skilled craftsman cube

You will also get minor rewards from Maple Admin each time you complete a quest, eg. Power Elixir, Potential Scroll, Equipment Enhancement Scroll, Golden Hammer 100% etc..


Stage 1:

Balrog x1

(available from NPC Manji in Perion)


Talk to Manji, and select the last option. (requires 10,000 mesos)

balrog exp

Always start from the hands, then the head.

Talk to Maple Admin to complete the quest.

maple admin


Stage 2:

Weakened Zakum x1

Zakum x1

(available in El Nath)


Stage 3:

Hilla x1

Horntail x1

Van leon (easy) x1

(available in Azwan, Leafre, and El Nath- King’s Castle)


Stage 4:

All 4 Root Abyss bosses x1 (Bloody Queen, Pierre, BanBan, Bellum)

Easy Magnus x1

(available in Root Abyss, and Helliseum HQ)


Stage 5:

Chaos Horntail x1

Chaos Zakum x1

Pink Bean x1

Von leon x1

Akairum (easy) x1

(available in Leafre, El Nath, Temple of Time- Broken Corridor, El Nath- King’s Castle, Temple of Time- Dimensional Scheme)


Stage 6:

Chaos Pink Bean x1

Arkarium x1

Mori Ranmaru x1

Magnus (hard) x1

(available in Temple of Time- Broken Corridor, Temple of Time- Dimensional Scheme, El Nath- Dead Mine, Helliseum HQ)


Stage 7:

Cygnus x1

Magnus (hard) x1

Mori Ranmaru (hard) x1

Hilla x1

(available in Stronghold, Helliseum HQ, El Nath-Dead Mine, Azwan)


Stage 8:

All 4 Chaos Root Abyss bosses x1

(available in Root Abyss)


Good luck :X

maplestory 2014-10-16 00-25-38-546


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