HolySprings: SPM bad result……………die=.=

Ξ March 16th, 2010 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: HolySprings |

I just got my SPM result last week.=.=
I was like looking at the hell and I could feel the sense that I was in the hell.
Darkness covered beside me in a sudden and attacked me in assault.
I got 2A,4B+,3B and 1D……
i didn’t feel that the result was so bad and most of the students in my school also received the 2As only result.
So,am i really got a bad result?
I don’t think so.
If the grading system of SPM didn’t change sure i can get more than 6As and maybe at least 6As.
My mom almost killed me at that time when she saw my result.
Dark cloud was accumulating and going to have a heavy lighting storm.
The sea level was rising and wind blew with the speed of about 300km/h.
Everything had changed at that moment.
Tornado might be happening if the wind blew stronger a bit.
I couldn’t breathe normally and had a hard time.
My mom suddenly changed from an angel into a demon.
She is like a half angel and demon.
At that night, she slowly transformed into Satan and maybe Lucifer.
I was half dead and like a mouse saw a big cat wanted to devour me lively.
I could feel my body was shivering and my sweat came out in a rush.
The sweat was freezing cold as well as my body.
I could feel the presence of ice lady driving the car and the air of air-con was like the breathe of ice lady.
In that second, something like fire from the hell was burning vigorously in the eye of ice lady.
Wow, combination of ice and fire.
I could feel how it was like in the sauna and buried in the snow.
Candle Light was like a luxury at that moment and the darkness.
It was beyond words can describe.
The blade of death was moving around my neck and cutting my body piece by piece, slice by slice until nothing left.
That feeling was horrible and even worse than hell.
I could hardly move even my fingers…..
I guess nobody will feel that in their life.
My life is full with danger and can be life-threatening if i do something wrong in the eyes of the God of my family.
Half dead and suffer are something which is special and can be faced only in my family especially me.
It’s my life…..
it’s now and forever….and I have to enjoy it.
Yeah man……cool….:D


HolySprings: college life so good~~~~!!

Ξ March 9th, 2010 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: HolySprings |

My college is so cool!!!Just 2 floors of study space. The smallest college i had ever seen!! Omg,but my friends in college all so nice and friendly. In fact, only 2 of them see me like a ghost never and don’t dare to come 1 meter near me. Hahahahaha am I a ghost? They said I am so annoying=.=! What the ****,I just too friendly only and like to talk so does that mean I’m too annoying.F***!!I swear if I become a ghost one day, I will eat them.Wu~~~~~~~. On the other hand, I am called crazyman in my class. Whenever I laugh, I will be in the form of insanity and unstoppable. Indeed, I got my own freedom and space here.My mom cant control me and I can do anything that I wish but….the only problem is….I need to spend my money wisely if not I will die in hunger. I met with lots of friends but most of them are Indians because the course which I had chosen is Indian’s favourite choice especially in M’sia. So what can I do? Hehehehehehe, I asked them to teach me their language-Tamil. My tongue always tied up when i want to speak. Their language is a bit difficult to learn but so fun. I bet most of the people who learn this language will definitely cry for mom during the early stage. Cool man, time in college is so easy to go through and the time is running or maybe flying too fast like a blink in eyes.I don’t want to leave my college=.= as I want to play with my classmates. I want them always to be in insanity and “sink” into my world. Time time time runs runs runs flies flies flies yeah babe.


HolySprings: Hi all

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sorry for not uploading anything for these few months. Haha i hope u all can forgive me especially NgPriest. I dont have much time for this moment but i will upload something or write about something later. I am an interesting guy yeah man. I will be very glad if anyone of u wants to be my friend. HolySprings hahaha best of the best. This nickname means holy world and spring forever in my heart. Quite interesting right? I wan to tell u all a secret~~~~~. This is my first time to write blog so i may need your help sometimes.=.= Time to go now!!!!!! i welcome anyone to my world. World of prosperity ,music and games!!!! Hahahahaha



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