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Posted by: WingzOfChaos
Edited by: NGPriestess

WingzOfChaos: I receive an Email from Joey about something like this.
NGPriestess: I got a copy of that email as well

WingzOfChaos: Telling me to take care of myself and giving me his Blog’s ID/PW
NGPriestess: Guess he likes you more than me (Jealous he never told me to take care)

WingzOfChaos: I feel something is not right
NGPriestess: He would usually say something like, cya tomorrow?

WingzOfChaos: I immediately online to my Window Life Messenger
NGPriestess: I broke my Windows Live Messenger

WingzOfChaos: And know it through his sister KrystaI Window Life Messenger
NGPriestess: STALKER! <-- Jk, Jk, KrystaI is the owner of NGPriestess WingzOfChaos: It was said that Joey have died due to an overdose of sleeping pills NGPriestess: It was said, not confirmed WingzOfChaos: He also left a note on the table beside his laptop NGPriestess: I saw the letter too, not sure when the family is ready to release it WingzOfChaos: I thought she was pulling my leg though she sound very serious about it NGPriestess: WingzOfChaos has detachable body parts WingzOfChaos: But after some thought I feel that it is not right NGPriestess: We only joke about it on Maple, in real life, nothing is a joke WingzOfChaos: No one will actually joke about life and death,as most people is serious about it NGPriestess: He's missing right now, hope he logs into the blog from time to time WingzOfChaos: He said he wanted to suicide many times a few days ago NGPriestess: I decrypted his personal drafts, he asked us to post it ASAP WingzOfChaos: At asiasoft forum he make this threads too NGPriestess: Let's hope the mods didn't delete it My RL gf is dumping me?
Suicide Options

WingzOfChaos: He is so depressed this few days too
NGPriestess: He’s been depressed for several years

WingzOfChaos: No one have expected this will happen.
NGPriestess: I thought Denise would take care of Joey

WingzOfChaos: No one have expected this to happen,but it happened.
NGPriestess: As they say in the something something, if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong

WingzOfChaos: Joey must have have suicide due to a broken heart I guess due his GF
NGPriestess: Only possible explaination

WingzOfChaos: I wonder why he do it?
NGPriestess: Ask him when you goto heaven

WingzOfChaos: I wonder how he is doing now if heaven existed?
NGPriestess: Or hell or black or rebirth or respawn
NGPriestess: But he’s a Christian, so it’s Heaven or Hell

WingzOfChaos: To all his haters
NGPriestess: This would only be arvelias/babytoons/zephyrus?

WingzOfChaos: Stop hating him?
NGPriestess: Hate is a bad feeling

WingzOfChaos: He is already dead?
NGPriestess: It’ll be fun to watch them hate a dead person

WingzOfChaos: I will apologise on his behalf if he offended you.
NGPriestess: Hope you don’t end up getting KSed

WingzOfChaos: Rest in peace Joey
NGPriestess: He’s not confirmed dead yet la

WingzOfChaos: We will miss you
NGPriestess: From the entire NG Crew/Team

NGPriestess: Wingz, do we call ourself a crew or team now?



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