NGPriestess: We’re geting married!

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Posted by: NGPriestess
Probably the last one tonight
It’s lonely on Maple/MSN when the Priest isn’t online
The reason why i use the Priestess is because it’s one of the most funded characters available
There is nothing going on between me and the Priest, the Priest belongs 100% to HisDindin90

This was saved on the 4th week of July 2008
So romantic, isn’t it?

Dear blog
I can say that, can’t i?

Maple Anniversary Sale is on and i have enough @cash to buy a Premium Wedding Ticket!
I was discussing this with dindin and we decided the perfect date/time for our wedding!
08/08/08 at 08:08pm aka 2008
Perfect timing right?

She looks great on Maple, (maybe it’s because i love the girl behind the keyboard)
And i wanna see that girl next to me when we get married (when we’re both 25 (or unless i convince her to marry at 24))
Shouldn’t push my luck down to 23

As you know, i’m working for Miratopia, which can be called my 3rd Job
They pay me according to the work/projects/contracts i do

Only a few more days until the wedding!
Oh, btw, we’re both 18 now, her bday was last week
Wished i was in KL to celebrate with her

Our Anniversary, 9th July, wished i could do something special for her
My Bday, 11th July, wished she could be here
Her Bday, 15th July, wished i could be there

We’re 18th, we’re able to get married, but she won’t let me
Another 7 years to wait, but i’ll wait those 7 years with her

I love you forever dindin
NGPriest <3 HisDindin90 Joey <3 Denise Forever And Ever



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