NGPriestess: Kiss The Rain – Yiruma

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NGPriest asked me to post this

Title: Kiss The Rain
Artist: Yiruma
Album: From The Yellow Room
Duration: 4mins 21secs

Click below to listen


NGPriestess: River Flows In You – Yiruma

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NGPriest asked me to post this

Title: River Flows In You
Artist: Yiruma
Album: First Love
Duration: 3mins 9secs

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NGPriestess: China

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The Priest (we call him that when both of us are online), otherwise, we just get called ng
But if NGCrusader is online, we’re back to Priest, Priestess and Crusader

Anyways, the Priest sent me this email awhile ago

I’m going to try using the gallery tag, if it lags the site, i’ll need to use the more tag


NGPriestess: CASB Updated

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Regarding my previous post, i have fixed up the site
It can now be found at one of the four/six following addresses

If you noticed, whenever you type a www address into your address bar, your browser adds a http:// infront of the www. section
Whenever i visit a website, i usually just enter the site like, the blog should change that to

NGPriest did find a problem with the above scenario, but he knows it won’t affect his blog in any ways
We have already set up several subdomains – For files for most sites – NGPriest hasn’t updated this for awhile – NGPriest’s trial site

Lastly, we have
Both site leads to this blog


NGPriestess: CASB

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That is our new name for
WingzOfChaos thought it was
Seriously, who could think of Cookies Sand Strawberries?!

Anyways, since that site is going back to HisDindin90 (who quit Maple already)
NGPriest or me will have to find a new home for the site
Maybe either a subdomain of OR a subdomain of
Maybe the 2nd, since the files are still on the server

Well, hope i’ll finish it ASAP


NGPriestess: Coding

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Hi everyone!
Say welcome to BananaStatio
Ex-Jr of AllStaR
Current Jr of NGElites

I’m still adding more un-finished features which Priest was in the middle of writing, but not enough people to test them.

This blog has 3 authors, Me (NGPriestess), WingzOfChaos and BananaStatio
NGPriest, we still haven’t heard from, but i hope he’s doing well in whatever he’s doing


NGPriestess: Cleaning Up The Site

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Posted by: NGPriestess

As you know, the .css file was edited shortly after NGPriest got dumped
So as afew of you may know (before NGPriest re-edited the head)
The red-ness of the blog represents his blood covered blog
I guess this was done around the 1st of January, due to the mass file editings
He said he’ll fix up the images, but i guess he never turned the header red (and i personally can’t do it)
I’m a coder like him, not a designer

I was able to reedit the .css file and turn the site blue again!
But i might also edit more of the theme to make the site look better

Let’s hope NGPriest comes back to fix up most of my mistakes, since i make them easily
Also, NGPriest didn’t give me a copy of his validation tools
Anyone in the team got a copy?
You were told to report back to this site or his email (which some of us have access to)


NGPriestess: We’re geting married!

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Posted by: NGPriestess
Probably the last one tonight
It’s lonely on Maple/MSN when the Priest isn’t online
The reason why i use the Priestess is because it’s one of the most funded characters available
There is nothing going on between me and the Priest, the Priest belongs 100% to HisDindin90

This was saved on the 4th week of July 2008
So romantic, isn’t it?

Dear blog
I can say that, can’t i?

Maple Anniversary Sale is on and i have enough @cash to buy a Premium Wedding Ticket!
I was discussing this with dindin and we decided the perfect date/time for our wedding!
08/08/08 at 08:08pm aka 2008
Perfect timing right?

She looks great on Maple, (maybe it’s because i love the girl behind the keyboard)
And i wanna see that girl next to me when we get married (when we’re both 25 (or unless i convince her to marry at 24))
Shouldn’t push my luck down to 23

As you know, i’m working for Miratopia, which can be called my 3rd Job
They pay me according to the work/projects/contracts i do

Only a few more days until the wedding!
Oh, btw, we’re both 18 now, her bday was last week
Wished i was in KL to celebrate with her

Our Anniversary, 9th July, wished i could do something special for her
My Bday, 11th July, wished she could be here
Her Bday, 15th July, wished i could be there

We’re 18th, we’re able to get married, but she won’t let me
Another 7 years to wait, but i’ll wait those 7 years with her

I love you forever dindin
NGPriest <3 HisDindin90 Joey <3 Denise Forever And Ever


NGPriestess: Getting worried

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Posted by: NGPriestess
The rest of them are getting harder to decrypt, i’ll spend more time to decrypt it

This was saved on the 31st of March 2009

Dear blog
Starting to get worried about dindin
She’s been not online for awhile now
I talked to Denise quite alot less lately
Been concerned if anything happened to her
Last chats have been: 9th Feb, 13th Feb, 17th Feb, 18th Feb, 22th Feb, 23 Feb, 26 Feb, 14th Mar, 17th Mar, 18th Mar, 24th Mar
That’s 4 days, 4 days, 1 day, 4 days, 1 day, 3 days, 16 days, 3 days, 1 day, 6 days
It’s been 6 days since i last talked to her, i’m worried for her, she’s been able to blog, but as you know, we can time our post dates aka auto-post for upto a few years, which i prefer not to do.
I just hope she’s studying hard and not wasting her precious time on blogspot/facebook
Her friends on MSN said she’s okay and alive (that relieved me) and that she wasn’t seeing anyone else (that also relieves me)
I just hope she goes well this time around, her results last semester weren’t perfect, (we all can’t be perfect, can we?)

Going to encrypt this post to protect her, don’t want her to know how much i worry about her
Been waiting many sleepless nights to talk to her, but we do sacrifice things for the ones we love

Reminds me of a story about a mother who puts her family before herself
Then she finds out she has breast cancer, then the story ends there

But i hope i’m not sacrificing too much for the one that i love

I love you dindin



NGPriestess: Denise’s Studies

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Posted by: NGPriestess
It’s easy to decrypt NGPriest’s code
Just have to move each character approx 250 character backwards in the ASCII table

This was saved on the 2nd week of January 2009

Dear blog
Denise should be studying harder this semester
Didn’t post this incase this offends her (encrypted it instead) went down, transfered her blog to before being transfered to
She’s been posting alot lately, wonder if she’s spending enough time to study?
I finished my studies already, working right now to save $$ for our future, make it easier for us to move out after we’re married, but also save up $$ for the wedding. Being bf/gf till husband/wife means we share our lives together, $$ isn’t a problem, i’m happy sharing my assets with her
Been dating her for just over 2y 5m, can’t wait to hit the 3y mark, i got something installed for that occasion
It sucked that i didn’t get to see her in KL afew days ago
But not to worry, we have the rest of our lives to live
She studies hard, passes her course and comes to Australia to finish her studies, i’ll be here ready to support her
I hope she focuses on her studies and doesn’t get distracted while blogging/facebook
I love her and noone/nothing is going to stop me from loving her
She is truely a wonderful girl




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