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Every now and then, i like to rewrite the site, from the core to all the text, till the images, i like to compress them to allow you to load the site faster

xxx Requests (xxxKB) taking xx.xxs to load
6 HTML Requests (77KB) taking 14.19s to load
5 CSS Requests (8KB) taking 17.52s to load
14 JS Requests (42KB) taking 16.82ms to load
XHR not checked
77 Image Requests (480KB) taking 16.42s to load
2 Flash Requests (32KB) taking 3.15s to load

Okay, that’s done

Then this is the ranking system we use
And yes, i did modify quite alot, let’s see, added more stuff
HTTP – I decided to use more off-site content
gzip – I was going to use it, but it proved difficult to work with in the past
JavaScript can’t be moved without destroying the layout
DNS – I only used 4 servers, guess they wanted 1-2?
DOM – Forgot this, learnt it several years ago

Grade D -> Grade C
Overall performance score 62 -> 73

C Make fewer HTTP requests -> F Make fewer HTTP requests
A Compress components with gzip -> F Compress components with gzip
A Put CSS at top -> A Put CSS at top
B Put JavaScript at bottom -> C Put JavaScript at bottom
A Avoid CSS expressions -> A Avoid CSS expressions
A Reduce DNS lookups -> C Reduce DNS lookups
A Minify JavaScript and CSS -> A Minify JavaScript and CSS
A Avoid URL redirects -> A Avoid URL redirects
A Remove duplicate JavaScript and CSS -> A Remove duplicate JavaScript and CSS
B Reduce the number of DOM elements -> C Reduce the number of DOM elements
A Avoid HTTP 404 (Not Found) error -> A Avoid HTTP 404 (Not Found) error
A Avoid AlphaImageLoader filter -> A Avoid AlphaImageLoader filter
A Do not scale images in HTML -> A Do not scale images in HTML
A Make favicon small and cacheable -> A Make favicon small and cacheable

doc (1) 70.0K -> doc (1) 69.8K
js (8) 27.3K -> js (15) 59.9K
css (4) 7.4K -> css (5) 7.5K
iframe (0) 0.0K -> iframe (3) 0.0K
cssimage (2) 70.4K -> cssimage (2) 70.4K
image (49) 404.9K -> image (54) 411.9K
favicon (1) 2.6K -> favicon (1) 2.6K

HTTP Requests – 65 -> 72
Total Weight – 582.8K -> 316.4K
1 HTML/Text 70.0K -> 1 HTML/Text 69.8K
8 JavaScript File 27.3K -> 10 JavaScript File 5.7K
4 Stylesheet File 7.4K -> 4 Stylesheet File 1.8K
0 IFrame 0.00K -> 3 IFrame 0.02K 2 CSS Image 70.4K -> 2 CSS Image 0.0K
49 Image 404.9K -> 51 Image 239.0K
1 Favicon 2.6K -> 1 Favicon 0.0K

We reduced the document size
We added 7 more js scripts
We added 1 css
We added 3 iframes
And 5 more images (find them if you can)

We reduced the size of all 15 js, css and re-worked on the image scripts



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