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NGPriest: Shanelle Chong

Ξ December 11th, 2009 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Author: NGPriest |

I normally visit other blogs that link here
Here is one i found…

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Love, we sleep apart.

My dear,
This is where,
We’ll shake the nightmare free
I dream,
To hold you in my arms

Wide awake,
In my arms
I think I figured it out,
We need to be together,
Like the shore and the sea

We are not one thing,
We’re drawn here together
My ocean and me…

Love, we sleep apart.
For the last time.
For the last time…

This was our song. Do you remember? I heard it once on Newgrounds and told you to find it for me. And then we both somehow decided that this was our song.

I don’t know how we started talking, I know I hated you and came to school on January 1, 2009, with a goal to ignore you. Goal achieved, I gave you the cold shoulder.

But I don’t know how, we started talking again and instantly, we became best friends. Tisya, Faisal, You and I grouped up for Literature and we discussed the project online.

We SMSed daily. We had so much to talk about.

You forced me to participate in Sports Day! I was so mad, you felt so guilty and tried to get me out of it.

And then we started talking on the phone. At first I called you, then you called me. And we started talking, and talking, and talking. We talked about who we liked, we gossiped. We started playing phone games. Haha, we made up sexually sick stories about a guy’s crotch on fire.

The first time I went to your house was with Faisal to do our literature project, I immediatly fell in love with your sofabed! Haha. And the giant mirror in your house.

You picked me up after tuition and went to Toys’R’Us because then, you wanted to spend time with me.

We went rollerblading with Nicole and she got so scared, we both had to hug her while walking out of Pasir Ris park.

Our first date – on Valentine’s day – do you remember? I was upset on being alone for Valentine’s day and you offered to be my Valentine. I refused, and said you didn’t love me. And you said, "How do you know?". By then, we already fell for each other.

We watched a movie, and we went to vivo. You carried me and walked across the water. We sat in the bookshop, with your arm around me, and we read about worms. And we discovered that worms, were in fact, penises! Hahahaha!

And do you remember at block 111? We were on the swings, I put my arms around you and said "I love you". You whispered back the same thing, just real softly. And then it started raining! Hah! Imagine that. We hugged goodbye, and since that day I’ve waited for you to ask me. Even doubting that you’ve been joking the whole time, but you finally did on March 16, 2009.

And after 8 months, close to 9 months. We broke up. But this was special, because this was the first time you dumped a girl. And I was so upset, not because you dumped me, but because I didn’t know why.

After days of depression, anger and depression again. You finally gave me a reason. I had to persuade you real hard, but you finally said it.

"I don’t love you anymore"

And suddenly, I feel lightheaded. I feel happy. I feel… at ease 🙂 Thank you Megat Iskandar Shah, thank you for that 8 months and don’t know how many days. They were wonderful. They were lucky, especially for a first relationship (on my part). And they were indeed, intense and sexual! I love you Megat Iskandar Shah, now as a friend. I love you so much. And for the last time, may this love last.

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