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Rowan Atkinson: Fatal Beatings

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Animes/Games: Helps you in real life too

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Ever experienced someone finding out your a gamer or an anime fanatic they just stares you like you have a desease or a dirt on your face? You may want to ask why but you can see clearly on their expressions the reason and that is “Your not a kid anymore.. Duh??!”

Society, majority of people is that hobbies such as toys, animes and games are just for kids. When you reach 18 and still fond with it its either you’re stuck at your parent’s house without a job, your friends starts avoiding you or they will all look at you like you’re a total weird. It hurts even more when most of these lines was said to you;

“Anime? You’re joking right??”


“That’s only for kids you know?..”

“Get a life!! A real one!!!”

What’s worse is when the majority has one common idea about being a gamer/anime fanatic “Leads you nowhere and it won’t help you in real life at all.” Well, wait no more as I now have some facts that being a gamer/anime fan can still help you improve your life! So don’t be so pessimistic and read this article for once!

note:The following are not in order and just a gathered facts that some people have done. Either if it’s stupid or not I don’t know but it helped them and that’s a great improvement of saying to society that, hey these hobbies are not drugs for crying out loud!

FACT: Jigglypuff can make some people fall asleep

“I tried singing the jigglypuff song to my kids and it works!! Everytime I sing it they suddenly falls asleep! Now, I can focus more on my work.”

– It helped him lessen the burden by making his kids sleep while his doing his works. Not only he can finish what his doing easily, it also helped him relax a bit. I know jigglypuff will be angry at this but at least it really works on kids!

FACT: Playing online games can help improve your typing skills

“Because of the enemies inside the game I’m playing, I have no choice but to study how to type a bit faster! That way I can beat the hell out of them!!”

-Do I have to say more??Multi tasking is important to games. The faster you can response without looking at your keyboard the better you can move on the game! If you want proof then try playing games.

FACT: You can win prizes and make money out of it too!

“I just won a new laptop because of the online war I joined!! I can’t believe it!! Now I have something to use at school and I can brag about it too!!”

-Games/animes also are close to latest gadgets. We all know gadgets are expensive. We also know that our parents won’t give/lend money to us for a reason related to games/animes. But if you show them what you’ve earned/won that’s a different story.


FACT: Can teach us how to save money for the thing you like

“I just saved 20,000php within a year and I can’t believe it everytime I look at my bank account. Few more months and I can buy my own PS3 woohoo!~”

-You’re parents thought you’re just a creepy child who hangs around in your own little “hobby world”. They expect that you won’t have a real life and will always be a good for nothing child. But guess what?! Because of the advertisements regarding games and such that you’ve learned how to save money in your own way. Now you can show and brag about it that you can save for your future too! (that is to have the games,/collections you want)

FACT: Rape cases was reduced due to being open minded

“It’s normal for guys to think about it you know. It’s an impluse for guys because we are guys. But thanks to sexy teasers of animes/figurines and female game characters that I can somehow be contented by just looking at them without touching or harming a real girl that I don’t want to have commitment yet.”

-Yeah. Your a guy and it’s normal to have fantasies once in a while. But you still want to enjoy being just free. No girlfriends whatsoever or afraid of having a problem or sickness. Even so some will look at you like you are sick “(well it looks sick seeing someone looking pervertly at female characters) In some way it helps them not to do anything bad… For now…

See what I mean?? It’s not bad after all… I think…

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