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B4UScore (1) B4UScore (2) Aspiring Actress
She’s waiting to take your order. Ready to pitch her on the role of a lifetime? Annnnd…ACTION!
B4UScore (3) B4UScore (4) The Artist
Don’t paint yourself into a corner-show her just how much you share her psion for all things artistic.
B4UScore (5) B4UScore (6) Athlete
Fit, toned, competitive, the female athlete is one of man’s greatest conquests. Game on.
B4UScore (7) B4UScore (8) Bookworm
Let’s see just how open a book she really is.
B4UScore (9) B4UScore (10) Business Woman
To get on her agenda, she’s going to want to know that you’re serious… about making money.
B4UScore (11) B4UScore (12) Celebrity
If you can get st the bodyguards, the ego, and the fact that you’re just another chump to this goddess, she could show you the world. Don’t blow it.
B4UScore (13) B4UScore (14) Cougar
She’s on the prowl… for you.
B4UScore (15) B4UScore (16) Dancer
If you want to be her partner, better step it up.
B4UScore (17) B4UScore (18) Foreign Exchange Student
Show her you are worldly, and she could show you the world.
B4UScore (19) B4UScore (20) Goth
Once you go dressed-in-black, you never go back.
B4UScore (21) B4UScore (22) Indie Girl
Drop the right names, and she may drop right out of that thriftshop cardigan.
B4UScore (23) B4UScore (24) Married
Be careful with tihs one. The married woman could bring both pleasure and peril. But tread lightly, because a shotgun-bearing husband may not be far behind.
B4UScore (25) B4UScore (26) Military Chick
At attention. It’s going to take discipline and strategy if you want to invade her territory.
B4UScore (27) B4UScore (28) Nerd
Resistance is futile.
B4UScore (29) B4UScore (30) Out Of Your League
Don’t look at us – this is a lost cause.
B4UScore (31) B4UScore (32) Political Girl
Hey, if she’s bi-partisan, you might be able to pull off a threesome.
B4UScore (33) B4UScore (34) Princess
Are you sure about this? She’s spoiled rotten, and her expectations are sky high.
B4UScore (35) B4UScore (36) Punk
Time to get your sneer on. Right now she doesn’t care about anything, especially you.
B4UScore (37) B4UScore (38) Rebound Girl
Tread lightly with this one, or you could get sucked into an emotional whirlpool.
B4UScore (39) B4UScore (40) Sorority Girl
This shouldn’t be a problem.
B4UScore (41) B4UScore (42) Treehugger
Whether you’re drawn to the scent of Patchouli oil, or you’re looking for a girl to take into the deep woods, the Treehugger is one of nature’s greatest treasures
B4UScore (43) B4UScore (44) Trouble
She’s bad news. And that Neanderthal over there-that’s her boyfriend.
B4UScore (45) B4UScore (46) Twins
Double the pleasure, indeed. Your game will need to be twice as tight, because you’re dealing with two women who don’t want to get with you.
B4UScore (47) B4UScore (48) Woman’s Studies Major
Well, one thing’s for sure. You love a challenge.

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